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Choosing the best jogging stroller vs regular stroller is quite a difficult job. The best way for choosing is to sort out the list of all available options and pick the one which suits you most. As there are many different options available in the market each one comprises different features for different kinds of needs.

So, you don’t research properly you may pick the wrong one and that could be an expensive mistake. Some parents like running and jogging much, as I personally do, and some don’t like at all. That’s why different strollers are designed for different needs. This article is a one-on-one comparison between jogging stroller vs regular stroller. So, be patient and read till the end you’ll get to know about each benefit that they both offer.

The questions that come to mind before buying a stroller are; how good jogging stroller is for daily trips? And could a regular stroller be used for jogging?


Jogging Stroller vs Regular Stroller


A Quick Comparison

Jogging Stroller



  1. Comes with 3 air-filled wheels
  2. Include one handle-bar for one-handed operation
  3. The locking mechanism in front-wheel for both running and jogging
  4. Includes suspension for smoother rides
  5. Offer easy pushing on rough terrains
  6. Build bulkier for added stability

Regular Stroller


  1. Comes with 4 hard-plastic wheels
  2. Usually have two handlebars
  3. No locking mechanism for front wheels
  4. No suspension lead to bumpier rides
  5. Not good for rough terrains but good for smooth floors
  6. Comes in a compact design

Jogging Strollers: A more Robust Option


If you are a regular jogger and enjoy taking your child with you on an off-road adventure, then a jogging stroller is the best option to pick.Jogging Strollers

The best jogging stroller could probably be used anywhere, including thick snow, woodchip path, grass, beach, and flat trails. These strollers are great choices if you trying to keep yourself in shape with power-walking, jogging, and running.

Moreover, they give you the ease of doing all these activities without hiring a babysitter to look after you. Just strap the little champ in the stroller, and you both are good to go!

The jogging stroller usually comes with three air-filled wheels; one in the front, and two in the rear. That gives an easy push and efficient maneuverability to give both of you smooth and comfy rides.

Unlike regular strollers, these unit comes with a lock mechanism that stables the stroller while jogging and offer maximum maneuverability. And the air-filled tires offer the best comfort and superior cushioning for the child over bumpy terrain.

Before picking make sure your choice should have a canopy that will keep your child safe from the sunlight as well as from other elements. Unlike jogging strollers, the regular strollers have canopy along with a peekaboo window—that enables you to have a look at your baby without even disturbing them. The jogging strollers have a canopy on the smaller side of the unit.

Most jogging strollers have several pockets to store essentials, but as compared to the regular strollers these one doesn’t provide much space. As regular strollers include a storage basket located under the seat and many incorporated pockets in the rear of the canopy and seat.


It would be beneficial if you bought a stroller for a shopping trip or for a short walk down the street.

Downsides of Jogging Strollers

In case you are searching for a stroller that is easy to maintain then this jogger is not intended for you as the air-filled tires are something pain. Firstly, it can puncture. If you are some distance away from your house with an irritable child than it would be more like a nightmare.

So, for added convenience to tackle this situation you must take a puncture repair kit with you, and also give tires a regular check to ensure they are properly inflated.

Compared to regular strollers these jogging strollers are bulkier in size because of their large-sized tires. So, their large could be a pain if you are planning to take them with you on public transport or on your car. Fairly, speaking some regular strollers have the same issue.

To provide added convenience to the parent the manufacturers adds a foldable feature, which offers parents ease of folding and carriage. Anyhow, they still take a fair amount of space which makes them less effective for regular travelers. So, you might consider an umbrella stroller, or a convertible travel system stroller if you travel often.

I personally have gone through this pain and after researching a little more I found some of the best options that very travel-friendly such as Joovy Zoom 360 ultralight jogging stroller, and the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger. The second option offers removable tires—making it perfect for traveling in a car.


1- Bob Revolution Pro Jogging Stroller


Bob Revolution Pro comes with a front-wheel swivel and lock mechanism. Moreover, it offers a wrist strap and both hand brakes. With these features, it is an optimal pick and one of the safest jogging strollers. It doesn’t include a car seat and is ideal for babies aging 8 weeks or above.

It offers 9 different handlebar position that makes it ideal for both shorter and taller parents. The state-of-the-art suspension offer parents ease to use it for baby aging two months to 70 pounds. It also includes hand and foot brakes, and another brake for parking.

It has some downsides too such as it is not machine washable and in case you want to fit it into your car then you need to buy an adapter separately.

Final Words

If you are a regular jogger and love jogging most then this Bob’s revolution Pro Stroller gives you ease of use along with many reliable features.


2- Thule Urban Glide 2


This Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging stroller is a little bit different than the above-mentioned option this offers more safety features and a car attachment seat too.

This foldable stroller has a front-wheel locking mechanism that keeps the wheel at a place while jogging. Like other top-quality strollers of its kind, it offers suspension and the option to buy a bumper bar. Like regular strollers, it has a canopy for a child’s safekeeping and wide ventilation.

From a safety perspective, it offers a wrist strap, reflective bands, hand brake, locking mechanism, and a lot of storage space.

Final Words

It has a heavy-duty construction that grows with the child. It stands among the list of jogging strollers but it can be used as a regular stroller too.


Regular Stroller: A More Practical Option


The Regular Strollers are one of the oldest versions of strollers. These are specifically intended for the parent who is looking for a stroller that can be used with ease in fairly flat surfaces such as parks and streets.Regular Stroller

Unlike joggers, these regular strollers comprise 4 wheels. Instead of air-filled wheels, these strollers have hard plastic or hard form-filled tires. Of course, it eliminates the chances of a puncture but gives little bumpy rides Jogging Stroller vs Regular Stroller. So, as compensation, there are some good quality strollers as well that offer a little less bumpiness such as Chicco Cortina. The Chicco Cortina accompanies a sophisticated suspension system to eliminate all jolting, and jarring.

As they are intended for a regular walk so aren’t safe to be used as joggers because like jogging strollers, they don’t include a front-wheel locking mechanism. The front wheel of regular strollers is designed to swivel, making the stroller a lot easier to maneuver while walking.

More maneuverable means less stability for jogging. The maneuverability makes steering a lot more difficult when moving at a faster pace because the wheels are bulkier and it is somewhat dangerous to use the regular stroller as a jogger.

Both options (regular strollers and many joggers) come with comfy padded seats. They both offer multiple recline positions and also include a flat position which is suitable for newborns.  You’ll see a regular stroller has a large seat than a jogger, and they can carry a heavier child with ease compared to joggers.


1- UPPAbaby Cruz Baby Stroller


This UPPAbaby Cruz Baby Stroller is one of the best options to pick among all others available due to its lightweight, ease of use, and straight-of-the-art sturdy construction. It can be used with several infant car seats. The Cruz earned a top position among Full-Size Strollers and Strollers & Car Seat Combo.

Its lightweight and efficient maneuverable wheel gives ease of use and makes it suitable for running errands and smooth surfaces. With all features, there are some downsides too such as high price and relatively small wheels.

When it comes to jogging stroller vs regular stroller, there are some key differences. You need to know what you want. Jogging strollers have great stability. They can be controlled using one hand. It also comes with a locking mechanism for added safety. On the other hand, regular strollers lack these high safety features. However, they are made compact, so they are easy to carry.


Final Words

This UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller is one of the best options to pick. It supports several car seats and being multifunctional it can be used anywhere easily.


2- BOB Rambler Baby Stroller


Bob Rambler is one of the most loved baby strollers because of its excellent maneuverability and versatility. It comes to a full package which provides a combo of affordable price, lightweight, small size, and exceptional performance.

It has many things to offer such as adjustable suspension, a large canopy, good storage space, and multi-purpose to use Jogging Stroller vs Regular Stroller. However, it is foldable like other competitors but still, looks heavier and bulkier.

Along with many reliable features, there are some downsides too such as large size and no support for car seats.


Final Words

For those who love to hike and jog, and looking for a reliable product that offers enough storage space, adjustable suspension and tracking, and a giant canopy for child’s safekeeping this Bob Rambler is an excellent choice.



which is better regular stroller vs jogging stroller?

Jogging Stroller: A jogging stroller is a great investment if you’re an avid runner and have children. They are built to be more durable and can handle rougher terrain, plus they often come with features like suspension systems that make for a smoother ride.
Regular Stroller: A regular or everyday stroller is perfect for those who don’t run frequently or live in an urban area where there aren’t many trails or bumpy roads.

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