Chicco Keyfit 30 Zip vs Keyfit 30 Magic

Chicco Keyfit 30 Zip vs Keyfit 30 Magic

When it comes to choosing a product in Chicco’s range, a lot of people get confused. So, we are here to compare Chicco keyfit 30 zip vs keyfit 30 magic. So, you know him better. Chicco keyfit 30 magic is the best elite product with all the specs you need. On the other hand, keyfit 30 zip is a budget set packed with all the best-needed specs.

Whenever it comes to the baby’s product, none other than Chicco is the name that comes up into the mind instantly. They are working in the industry for the last 60 years and producing quality products accessible to the parents of around 120 countries. Apart from hundreds of products, the KeyFit infant car seat is the one that makes them recognizable worldwide.

Right after the launch, the KeyFit infant car seat successfully captured the entire market and became a threat to the competitors. All was going well, but the problem starts when they launched different models under the same product KeyFit infant car seat. Parents don’t want to settle with other products, but feeling confused in choosing between different models of keyFit.

Considering the vibes of confusion out there, we have picked up the most selling and prominent products from KeyFit and prepared this comparison blog post, titled “Chicco Keyfit 30 Zip vs Keyfit 30 Magic”. If you are feeling confused, just take a deep breath and bear with us for a little bit more time to make the final decision about your purchase.

We will go through each product one by one and will announce the winner at the end on the basis of logical thinking.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Zip vs Keyfit 30 Magic

Chicco Keyfit 30 Zip: what it’s all aboutChicco Keyfit 30 Zip

Let’s start with the Chicco Keyfit 30 Zip, which is a compactly designed model and have the bearing capacity of around 30 pounds. You could easily set it up in most of the cars effortlessly, till the year. Because the compact design makes it only suitable for the babies who are less than a year. As your body grows, he will find it difficult to sit in this car seat comfortably while keeping himself buckled.

The seat features the EPS foam, which holds the capability to keep absorbing the external shocks while traveling through the bumpy roads. In fact, the foam will keep on cushioning your baby and will never let him feel uncomfortable all the way. Moreover, the reclining feature of the seat makes the journey more comfortable for your baby.

It has the 5 point harness, which buckled up your baby for better protection. Although, it’s a common practice in most of the car seats the thing that differentiates it is the quality of the harness. Another thing that is making it unique is the hassle-free installation process. You would be able to install it in no time, without any help. But ensure the angle of the seat by looking at the bubble level indicator.

Apart from all that this model of KeyFit offers 3 different Zip functionality including zip-off canopy, zip-on visor and zip-around boot which allows you to customize and adjust the seat as per the baby’s comfort.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic: What it has to offerChicco Keyfit 30 Magic

Chicco KeyFit 30 Magic is the little bit pricey model with some of the additional features. The design is similar to the ZIP model but it has the quality premium cover fabric, which keeps the baby protected from every external shock and also serves your infant with the comfy and warm sitting in the cold weather.

Another improvement that you will notice will be in the shoulder pads which are reversible. And offers you to choose between the breathable and fabric pad, you can set it according to the requirement of time. Non-technically, it brings more comfort to your baby all the way due to the innovatively designed infant insert.

The seat of KeyFit 30 Magic can also be reclined for a better comfortable position. But more importantly, it’s reclined seat makes it suitable for almost every car. No matter, in which car you want to set it up, just recline it to the appropriate angle and you are all done. Unlike other seats, you will not have to guess the angles, Bubble Level Indicators on the seat will give you an indication of the seat’s angle accuracy. As far as the weight is concerned, the seat can only bear the weight of around 30 pounds, which is similar to the KeyFit Zip model.

Furthermore, it also has the 5 harnesses for buckling the baby protectively and comfortably. But the harness will be turned into the irritation for your infant as soon as he crosses a year of his life because of the physical development. And then you will be supposed to purchase another model which is the same case with KeyFit Zip car seat.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Zip vs Keyfit 30 Magic: Who is the winner?

Hopefully, now you are well aware of both car seats. And till now you have already chosen a winner for you. If not’s true in your case don’t worry have a look at what we think for getting more clarity of the topic.

For us, both of the models are winners, you will hardly find the flaw in any of the models. Choosing any one of them is solely depends on your requirements, budget, and preferences.

If you are a one who is looking for the car seat with all of the fancy features and willing to invest as much as the fancy seat could cost, then we would consider Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic as the winner for you. On the other hand, if you are on a budget and looking for a car seat that comes with all the necessary features, then Chicco Keyfit 30 Zip would be a product for you.

Calling any one of them a winner would not be fair for others because both of them are performing well in their own capacities. Just grab the one according to your requirements, and you will be a satisfied customer of that specific car seat as long as it aligned with your requirements. For more visit our homepage.

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