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Choosing a stroller for your little one is somewhat a little difficult job to do you have to make this decision even before the little one’s arrival. Most probably it is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. There are numerous brands offering different features and addons. The Bugaboo and UPPAbaby are one of the hottest contestants in this race. So, keep reading if you want to know about bugaboo stroller vs uppababy.

Every family has different needs and all features cannot be added into a single product that’s why different products are manufactured for different kinds of needs. So, before picking any baby stroller, make up your mind that what you are expecting from yours.

However, the biggest question which remains the biggest is which one is the best? We are doing an in-depth review of the two most popular options—Bugaboo Fox and UPPAbaby Vista. Frankly speaking, both are the best brands and would be an excellent fit for your baby and you as well depending upon the requirements you are searching for. So, for the sake of your ease, we are writing this review to help you decide which one suits your family most.

Before digging into this review lets talk little about different kinds of baby strollers available in the market. Actually, the choice is totally dependent on your pocket, your lifestyle, and the age of your baby. In case you want to use a baby stroller in a shopping mall than a jogging stroller is not a good pick. Different types of child Strollers are:


Bugaboo Stroller vs UPPAbaby



1-Umbrella Strollers

These Umbrella Strollers are a specific kind of stroller that is intended to be carried easily in the trunk of the as they are lightweight and compact in size. However, there is no bassinet and the seat itself doesn’t recline to a completely flat position which is needed one for newborns. So, we don’t recommend using for newborns.

2-Travel System

As the name suggests these travel systems are full-sized strollers that are versatile and can be used for the baby right from birth. These are compatible with infant car seats which is a great plus in the case of newborns. It includes a bassinet attachment that is intended for babies aging up to 6 months. Keep in mind, these strollers have large size than the regular one—so, make sure that you have a big car to carry it—otherwise, it is not for you.

3-Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are specifically intended for those who are living a sporty life. These strollers come with 3 large rubber wheels to provide greater maneuverability and supreme suspension to take care of road bumps. With an additional adapter these ones can be attached to car seats as well—means you can it from birth if you want to.

Differences between Bugaboo Fox and the UPPAbaby Vista

1-Bugaboo Fox

  • Can accommodate only one child
  • Lightweight and smaller in size
  • Accompanies two-wheel option for easier maneuvering
  • No bassinet included

2-UPPAbaby Vista

  • Can accommodate up to two children easily
  • Comparatively bigger in size
  • Includes a separate bassinet for making sleeping time easier
  • Includes rain shield and rain shield

UPPAbaby Vista vs Bugaboo Fox—Which one is better?


Both UPPAbaby Vista and Bugaboo Fox are lightweight, versatile, and compatible with infant car seats, although, there are some differences as well that makes them little different from each other. So, read the review of both to pick which one is better.

Bugaboo Fox Baby Stroller Compatible with Car Seat

When it comes to comfort this Bugaboo Fox Stroller turns out the most versatile option among all other competitors. The two-wheel swivel option makes it perfect for all types of terrain including forest trails, sidewalks, and park grass. If you like to move out with your little one then this stroller is for you.

It is car seat compatible and can be used right from birth to toddler age—a convenient option for short street walks with the little one. The effective wheel swivel and the supreme suspension offer smooth rides on all surfaces. Also, the added two-wheel position makes it easy to use on loose terrains such as snow and sand.

There is a lot of talk about Bugaboo stroller vs UPPAbaby. Both work very well in their domains. Bugaboo stroller is perfect for one baby. Thus, it is small, light in weight, and easy to carry anywhere. On the other hand, UPPAbaby is a bigger stroller. It can hold up to 2 children. It comes with a bassinet and rain shield so that the baby will sleep easier.

Coming to reliability than this stroller has strong but lightweight frame along with no bulky bassinet—the frame itself is versatile, as it can be used for bassinet as well as for car seat by just changing the fabric set around the frame—quite a space-saving option, as don’t have to worry about storing the bassinet once the baby is grown.

The handlebar is adjustable which is a great plus for short parents, and the seat also is reclinable which definitely going to help you to give your baby comfortable during the nap Bugaboo Stroller vs UPPAbaby. It has both front and rear-facing options. Being lightweight it offers easy one-handed comfortable steering. And when you are finished for the day you can fold the stroller for easier carriage and storage.


  • Lightweight (weighs about 9.8-kg)
  • Compatible with bassinet and infant car seat
  • Can hold up to 48 pounds
  • Foldable and self-standing
  • Large storage basket beneath the seat
  • Rear-facing and front-facing seating options
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Multi-color options, and fully customizable

Extras and Add On Options

It is ready to use right out of the box as it comes with all basic things that you’ll be going to need for your baby, however, for using it with the car seat you have to buy an adapter separately. The extras which come with the stroller are:

  • 1x Reliable rain-cover
  • 1x cup-holder
  • 1x foot-muff
  • 1x Seat liner
  • 1x smartphone holder
  • 1x parasol
  • 1x transport bag

  • Versatile and long-lasting
  • Car seat and bassinet compatibility
  • Air-tires for smooth riding and comfortable steering
  • Front-wheel lock mechanism
  • Supreme suspension
  • Extendable large canopy
  • Easily accessible brakes
  • Customizable along with the classy look
  • Expensive in price
  • Peek-a-bow window is not included
  • Bulky when folded
  • Extras are expensive and sold separately


UPPAbaby Vista Baby Stroller Compatible with Car Seat


UPPAbaby stands among the top-quality products when it comes to ease of use and reliability. One of the best benefits of this very stroller that it is readily convertible from car seat to a double stroller with an addition of a Rumble Seat. Additionally, the included Piggyback provides a standing space to pre-schooler. With the sturdy construction it can easily hold up to 50 pounds—means a perfect solution for growing families.

As it is intended to be used for a baby aging up to 6 months but with the bassinet attachments, it can be used for newborns as well. However, the bassinet is removable, which means you can carry your baby without disturbing him or her during sleep. The seat offers both front and rear-facing options, and comparatively easy to recline.

For carrying more than one child the rumble seat option is available. You can use Rumble Seat either with a bassinet or car seat for older kids—use it as you like!

It offers flexibility to its truest—means if you have twins it gives you the ability to attach two car seats and two bassinets to one another top.

The padded seat, rear suspension, and shock absorbing front wheels make sure that your child remains comfortable during the whole ride, regardless, of the number of toddlers you are going to put in UPPAbaby Vista.

And for the safety of infant, it offers a generous sun-shade that not keep your child safe from UV sun rays in hot summer days but from the other elements such as mosquitoes. There is a large storage basket under the seat which is an added convenience for taking necessities with you.

The handlebar is comfortable and the bumper bar has a soft leather covering along with a perforated pattern that gives a comfortable but firm grip.


  • Lightweight (weighs about 26.5 pounds)
  • Reliable for newborns
  • Easily hold weight up to 50 pounds
  • Wide and comfortable seat
  • Large storage basket for carrying necessities
  • Both Front-facing and Rear-facing options
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Multi-color options available

Extras and Add On Options

For the first child or for another newborn this UPPAbaby Vista includes everything that you are going to need. Along with the bassinet, there are some other extras too that sold separately but they are going to help you a lot.

  • Car Seat adaptors
  • 1x additional bassinet
  • 1x Rumble Seat
  • 1x Carrycot Stand
  • 1x Vista Piggyback Ride
  • 1x Snug Seat for Infant

  • Reliable for multiple children
  • Multiple seating options available
  • Large basket located under the seat for storage
  • Easy to move
  • One-handed reclinable seat
  • Large Canopy for additional protection of infant
  • Multiple color options available
  • Expensive in price
  • Difficult to store in small cars even when folded
  • Difficult to maneuver in crowd


Coming to the conclusion, both UPPAbaby Vista And Bugaboo Fox are long-lasting, reliable and can be used right from birth. Both Bugaboo Stroller vs UPPAbaby includes every necessity that you’ll be going to need for your baby. The main difference among them is that the UPPAbaby Vista offers to add an additional seat which in my opinion is a huge advantage for many parents who have twins. Visit our homepage.

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