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Kids are born energetic and like to play a lot doesn’t matter what the situation is. But now technology took over physical games. Just like many parents if you also want your child to go outside and do something physical rather than tech games like Best Toddler Trampoline. Because the physical activities help them blow off some energy, get their heart pumping, and improve their self-coordination and balance. That’s why we have created a list of  Toddler Trampoline Reviews so, you can get some help before introducing your toddler to any physical activities.

Keep in mind, that the trampoline is great for physical activities but also can be a serious safety risk if not supervised carefully. You should also be there at the playtime and enforce some basic rules for added safety. However, it needs some kids trampoline but a good move for the family to have energetic kids. There are tons of brands available all of them claim different reliable features but not every option going to fit with you perfectly. For your added convenience we did research, comparison, and read different customer reviews to compile this list.

So, it recommend reading the full article before making a decision it’ll help you to pick the one that specifically suits your family’s needs. Because a poor choice can disappoint you.


Best Toddler Trampoline Reviews


1. Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline


The first thing which is surprisingly impressive is the quick and easy assembly. Right out of the box just screw in the handle and legs, and that it! You are good to go. The first-time assembly takes about 15 to 20 minutes as the screwing parts are a little difficult handle due to threading.

The handle offers stability in jumping as the toddler has something to push against to get a little higher jump and it also, keeps the whole trampoline upright which is a great plus.

For small kids, the handle is Best Toddler Trampoline perfect, and if the kid is more energetic than he or she needs to be careful as the handle is located near the edge so if he or she puts too much pressure the whole trampoline will start twisting and lifting.

There is a little problem with the threading, it has slight movement in it. Anyhow, that wouldn’t affect the support it provides to kids. The foam covering on the padding seems of very poor quality (definitely not for you if your child bites whatever he/she sees in first sight) and it’s not like a duct will take care of it.

Trampoline is an excellent fun material to buy as soon as your child starts playing. With the growing energy, they need some fun. At that time, you should search for the Toddler Trampoline reviews. You should be very careful when your baby is using Trampoline. However, a safer trampoline ensures that your baby remains happy

As it is intended for toddlers this whole thing is really small and won’t take too much space, although the bar is not foldable its small size gives easy storage.

The appealing thing among all other features is it doesn’t use bungee cord or springs. This offers somewhat effortless assembly and very safe for kids as it prevents the fingers from getting pinched. The jumping part is made of tough webby material that makes it long-lasting even when used daily.

It can easily hold up to 55 pounds, which is perfect for 2 toddlers and the safety bars along with no springs makes it more reliable.


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  • Quick and effortless assembly
  • 3-feet size
  • Large jumping surface
  • No spring and bungee cord used for added safety
  • Jumping surface is tough and last long
  • Chances of tipping over
  • Poor quality foam padding
  • Some threading parts need to be screwed together


This Little Tikes 3-feet trampoline is really great for two toddlers. It is easy to assemble and well made. Although there are some downsides as well, but overall this specific product offers great value on return.


2. Skywalker 40-inch Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net


The child’s safety is the first priority for every parent and this Skywalker Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net is not only an added safety but also a big relief for parents. This mini trampoline is great that helps kids to develop their motor skills also, the jumping mat comprises fun color patches which for both learning and self-coordination.

The enclosure net reduces the chances for kids falling from the trampoline to floor and for an added safety net is directly sewed to the mat that fills up all gaps in between. The safety bar around the whole trampoline is covered with foamy pad—so, the kid has something to hold to stabilize himself while taking a higher jump.

A regular kids trampoline is not intended sot indoor use but this mini one is. It is precisely engineered and already tested to meet all the ASTM standards.

Just like other top-notch indoor models, this mini skywalker uses 25 stretches bands instead of spring which is an added plus to durability.

The reliable net has very small pores which never let the hand fingers and foot toes to get stuck, and also, it is perfectly attached to the mat.

The rods connect the lower base ring and safety bar, Best Trampoline for Toddler helps the whole unit to remain in shape and stand upright. Although, all parts are rust-free stainless steel made which lasts long and durable.

Best Toddler Trampoline jumping surface is made of heavy-duty UV-protected Polythene which can easily carry up to 1—pounds and has an area about 5.3 sq. ft, perfect for one to two toddlers. As mentioned above, it is an indoor unit so, installation and storage won’t be an issue because of compact size.


  • Perfectly sewed enclosure net for extra safety
  • Stainless-steel rust-free construction and polythene mat
  • Large jumping surface
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Meet ASTM standards
  • Bars are not foldable
  • Storage requires little more space


This Skywalker Mini Trampoline comes with an enclosure net which is an added plus for those kids who are comparatively more energetic. There are some downsides as well such as difficult storage, but overall this product offers great value for money.


3. Skywalker 60-inch Mini Trampoline with Encloser Net


This Skywalker 60-inch trampoline with enclosure net would be great if you have more than two toddlers otherwise consider the above mentioned 40-inch trampoline.

Like all skywalker products, this one also made with safety first perspective. It also comes with an enclosure net which is perfectly sewed with the mat with no gaps left—adds an extra bit of a child’s safety. Being an indoor trampoline, it meets all ASTM standards.

Coming to design than like it’s 40-inch successor this one also includes a 360-degree safety bar covering the whole unit. It provides stability and boosts kids’ confidence for jumping a little bit higher than usual.

Best Toddler Trampoline from the kids’ perspective, this mat comprises a fun color with multiple patches Best Toddler Trampoline reviews in the mat which looks great, and kids readily get used to it. It not only encourages to play but also to learn.

The whole system has rust-free stainless-steel construction which promises to last long. It is intended for indoor play—so, instead of springs, the safety bands are used for the mat attachment. These 25 bands are great for kid’s safety and you don’t have to be there always when the kids are playing.


  • Safety bands for added safety and peace of mind
  • Safety bar for providing better balance
  • Good quality mat for reliability
  • Fun play boosts coordination and self-confidence
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Comes with 3-years and 1-year guarantee for frame and other materials respectively
  • The large size and somewhat difficult to store
  • Covering on the safety bar is of poor quality


This Skywalker 60-inch mini trampoline option is great for more than two toddlers. It has a large jumping space along with secure and stable construction. It meets all ASTM standards and reliable for indoor use.


4. Sportspower My First Trampoline


If you are looking for an indoor trampoline that lasts long and grows with your child then this Sportspower is a great candidate in this field.

This one is the best mini trampoline as it comprises heavy-duty construction and can handle intense play with ease. The top-quality jumping mat won’t tear even when two toddlers jump at a time.

Sportspower brand is a well-reputed brand for creating both indoor and outdoor child products—and this mini trampoline also is well made with high quality and at a very reasonable price.

Unlike the above-mentioned products, this one uses springs for providing a more bouncy experience. Although, the assembly is a little bit challenging and that is the only hurdle you’ll face.

It can hold weight up to 220 pounds which is considered very good, as the child aging about 13-years can have fun of play. Keep in mind, this doesn’t have a support handle that’s why it is recommended for children aging 3-years or above.

However, it is intended for one kid at a time but two kids can also play on it—if you are doing so then they must be under your supervision and must not playing wildly.

The toddler trampoline jumping surface is around 7-feet wide which is quite roomy, and for added safety, the springs and all other gaps are covered with foam padding. Unlike other models, this one comprises a hexagonal structure that is more stable and lessens the possibility of tipping.


  • Heavy-duty reliable construction
  • Roomy jumping surface
  • Can be used for two kids at a time
  • High-quality enclosure net
  • Hard to assemble


Among other top-notch trampolines, this one is my favorite. The heavy-duty construction, soft jumping mat, padded foam for safety, and balanced design makes it more reliable. It gives great value for money and evenly good for both first-time jumper and first-time buyers.


5- Merax 36-inch Exercise Mini Trampoline


This Merax 36-inch Exercise Mini Trampoline is another candidate in the market. It is well-designed and very reliable due to its sturdy construction material.

The 36-inch large jumping surface allows the kid to jump freely, and even the wild jumping wouldn’t be an issue. Instead of stretchy bands, it includes durable metal springs to provide more bouncy jumping.

One thing which needs consideration is that there is no enclosure net available so make sure to be there when kids are jumping because intense jumping could cause an injury. Don’t worry, for added safety the springs and all other gaps are covered.

It designs for kids aging 3-years or above as there is no safety net attach. However, a semi-oval shape safety bar includes which helps the baby to hold while having a higher jump. Also, it is cover with soft foam padding but it is of poor quality.

It is not intend for just kids; adults can also use it as an exercise trampoline when the handrail disassembles. The one that we pick for testing has a very eye-catchy pink color because we have a 3-years old girl, but there are multiple color options available.

It has a lightweight and compact size so; the storage and carriage won’t be difficult at all.


  • Lightweight and compact size make storage and carriage easy
  • Multiple color options available
  • Evenly good for kids and adults
  • Meets all ASTM safety standards
  • Support bay covering has poor quality


Among other competitors, this option is not only multipurpose but also, very affordable in price.  It meets all safety standards and manufactured by a very well-reputed organization.


6- Skybound Mini Trampoline


This skybound mini trampoline has a compact design along with a sturdy handlebar covered with soft foam. Its size and weight make it equally good for indoor and outdoor use.

The first thing that we love the most is that it comes in two unique fun color designs. At a very first glance, the color scheme was inspiring and somewhat loving for kids.

Assembly is not challenging at all but takes a little bit of time. Talking about the design Best Trampoline for Toddler than it has 6-legs that directly connect to the base ring, the jumping mat attach to this ring through springs, and for added safety, everything including springs, steel bars, and all other gaps are covered.

There is a support bar too which provide something to kid to push against while having a toddler trampoline higher jump. Don’t worry the bar itself has foamy covering.

The poles have hard rubber covering which provides trampoline stability. So, the kid won’t have a fear of tipping or slipping when jumping.

The steel frame has a thick covering which provides extra protection and reduces the chance of severe injury when an accident happens.


  • The stable frame design provides added stability
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Grows with your child
  • The fun color scheme for kids
  • Not good enough for two kids


This Skybound Mini Trampoline is an excellent pick if you are looking for an indoor option. The sturdy construction and stability are up to mark. It little pricey but give great value to money.


7. Original Toy Company Trampoline


If you don’t want a trampoline which is a little bit challenging to assemble than this Original Toy Company Trampoline is the best option to pick. It is a fold & go trampoline which means it won’t take much time in assembly and will be ready to use in less 5 minutes.

The package includes 6x legs, 1x support bar, 2x long poles to fix the support bar at a moderate height, some screws, and a trampoline. For assembling the trampoline just clip it to open, the small trampoline screw the legs and support bar, and it is ready to bounce. The legs have solid plastic covering at one end which gives it more stability on a slippery floor.

Coming to design, it comprises a compact design which makes it excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, the reliable jumping mat can hold up to 150 pounds, which is quite suitable for one kid.

The support handle is covered with foamy padding and provides confidence for a higher jump; as the kids have something to push against. Instead of springs, elastic cords are used which is added protection for the child.

It has a stainless-steel made a stable design which never lets the trampoline bounce when kid jumps. It meets all ASTM standards.

  • Offer the easiest assembly in the market
  • Stainless- steel construction provides maximum stability
  • Evenly good for both indoor and outdoor
  • For added safety, everything is covered in foamy padding
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Rubber feet won’t leave stretches on the floor
  • None at that time


This original toy company trampoline is easy to assemble, sturdy, fun, and safe to use for your children. If you want to invest in this specific product then there is no need to hesitate and it is highly recommended.


8- The Glat nursey trampoline


The Glat nursey trampoline is an ideal pick if you are a first-time buyer. It is readily accepted by kids due to its unique tortoise-like design. The best trampoline for kids of its design, and compact size it looks more like a child than a trampoline.

The legs won’t leave any scratch on the floor as these are covered with strong rubbers. And the support handle gives kids confidence for a higher jump. The while construction is sturdy and stable which reduces the chances of tipping.

As it is intended for kids aging 1 to 2 years. So, it can hold around 45 pounds easily. From a safety perspective, the stretch cords Best Toddler Trampoline are used instead of springs, and everything is covered precisely including stretch cords.

At very first look, it looks perfect to me, as it has a fun texture and unique tortoise-like design which gives your kid a feel like he/she is bouncing on a tortoise.


  • Unique design and fun color texture
  • A great option for indoor use
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Everything is covered for added safety
  • Not good for 2 years old kid


Among all other compact-sized trampolines this Galt Nursery Trampoline is my favorite. The unique design, stability, and sturdy construction give good value for money.


9. Galt Toys, Folding Rectangular Trampoline


This galt toy trampoline is not like the above-mentioned option because it comprises a rectangular design which also looks very great. Among indoor options, this one is also very reliable.

It has four legs which are cover with strong rubber to provide more stability. However, the mat is sturdy and can hold up to 55 pounds—means perfect for kids aging 1 to 3 years.

Instead of spring, the stretch cords use and for more protection, every gap and stretch cord’s area is cover with fun texture clothing.

The support handle is cover with foam padding and provides extra support to a kid when he/she trying a high jump.

Assembling and disassembling is pleasantly quick, and its compact design and lightweight not only easier carriage but also, make it evenly good for indoor and outdoor.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Fun colored texture
  • Reliable and sturdy construction
  • Not good for kids at a time


Coming to conclusion, this galt toys rectangular trampoline comprises the same feature as an above-mentioned option but is a little bigger in size. It accompanies everything that the best mini trampoline must contain.


10. Little Tikes 7-feet First Trampoline


This Little Tikes 7-feet First Trampoline has about 62-inch jumping area and good for kids aging 3 to 10 years. It recommends using for only one kid at a time but if you have two kids and both are jumping Best Trampoline for Toddler at the same time then you should be there to guide them.

Strong construction which can hold up to 75 pounds and specifically designed for outdoor use.  It comes with an enclosure net which adds safety for kids playing wildly. Everything including base ring, polythene netting, and springs are cover with a pad.

However, the manufacturer recommended only 75-pounds but it can easily hold about 100-pounds.  There is another accessory—a shoe holder that enables you to keep track that who is bouncing right now.

Unlike other mentioned competitors in our list, this one comes with plastic stands which is not sturdy as steel legs but still very reliable.

  • Reliable outdoor trampoline
  • Hold up 100 pounds
  • Replacements are available
  • Includes plastic legs


This one is mention at the last of our list but that doesn’t mean it is not recommend. Its large jumping surface, enclosure net, and pad covering on every gap is reliable.

Tips for Choosing a Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline means a whole-body exercise. A trampoline must be safe, reliable, and stable. There are many other things as well that matters too.


The size is totally depending upon the usage—if you are buying an indoor trampoline than it should be of compact size otherwise it’ll leave you with no space or may won’t fit at all.


If you arrange a family or friends gathering in your backyard then you definitely need to store the trampoline away. So, in this case, you should choose one that is easy to assemble and disassemble.


There are many shapes available in the market and each of them comes with their own features. But, in our opinion Best Toddler Trampoline, round-shaped trampolines are best because that reduces the chances of accidents.

4-Weight Limit

It is completely dependent on usage. The trampoline with smaller weight limits is reliable for toddlers and a bigger size option would be great for older kids. It recommends to choose the one which has a higher weight limit than your child’s weight. We suggest spending some time on the above-mentioned product details it’ll help you choose the best option. visit our homepage.

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