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Silently tiptoeing into the nursery for peeking the napping baby is the story of the gone days. This is an era of technology which means you can keep an eye on your child through baby monitors without having the hassle of accidentally waking them up. There are many options available in the market but this article is especially for you if you are looking for the best non wifi baby monitor. As a couple of cases have been reported, many parents are considering to switch to non-wifi baby monitors, because these are quite hard to hack. As there is no wifi connection means it doesn’t transmit your baby’s information such as audio/video signals over the internet.

If you or anyone from your family and friends have gone through this situation then you should definitely make your mind using a non-wifi baby monitor.

Are you looking for the best options?

Don’t worry this is a complete guide and below you’ll find a bunch of top-rated products to keep an eye on your baby while you are away or doing some other work. So, without wasting any more time let’s dig down to find the best option.



Best Non Wifi Baby Monitor


1- Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor


While looking for the best nonwifi baby monitor, you should definitely look for the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor. This is product stands at the top of our list because it comes with tons of unique and reliable features.Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor

Unique feature means, it is the only baby monitor in the market that comprises the innovative technology of an interchangeable lens system which enables you to get the best vision in your baby’s room.


The interchangeable lens provides you an ability of maximum zooming to get a comfortable and better view. It ensures complete digital privacy as there is no wifi connection.

It uses 2.4GHz FHSS wireless transmission to digitally transmit the signal to the parent unit and making it hard for hackers to intercept.

You can also check your baby’s room temperature with the built-in temperature sensor. It gives you an alert on the parent unit when the temperature is unbearable for the child.

Also, the two-way back feature lets you calm your baby by singing or talking when something unpleasant happened. With this unique feature, you can talk, play or calm them or even sing lullabies to make them sleep better.

The top-notch feature is screen off, audio on mode. This feature turns this video baby monitor into an audio-only monitor. However, the battery is quite long-lasting but this feature helps to enhance the battery life 50% more and ensuring the baby’s safety while the screen is off.

As compared to other competitors this monitor comes with a portable battery which lasts for 12 hours easily when the display screen is off and 8 hours when the screen is on. It has a USB outlet that grants you to charge while working or socializing on your laptop.


  • Excellent picture and sound quality
  • Night vision mode
  • Unique design
  • 4 cameras expansion (great for monitoring multiple rooms)
  • Wifi interface is not good
  • Charging process becomes faulty with time


If you want to enjoy the most reliable feature at a very reasonable price thank this baby monitor is highly recommended. As it is quite easy to set up and operate, features like night vision mode, two-way talk, interchangeable lens, expandable camera, and unique design worth the price.


2- HelloBaby 3.2-Inch Video Baby Monitor


The HelloBaby video baby monitor comes at number two on our list. It comprises a 3.2-inch screen and doesn’t require any wifi connection to operate. The widescreen grants you keep a close look on your baby while he/she is sleeping.Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor


Just like the previous product this one also advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology to digital connect the camera to the parent unit. The signals are digitally encrypted along with frequency-hopping technology to maximize reliability and digital privacy.

The 3.2-inch parent unit screen provides a crystal clear image even you can look at the minor details such the baby’s eyes are closed or not.

 Another amazing fact is its automatic infrared night vision mode which makes you capable of monitoring your baby during the day and at night too. Moreover, it comprises a room temperature sensor which gives you alert about the temperature conditions, ensuring the maximum child’s safety and comfort.

Like other models this one also supports two-way talkback communication, it transmits the digitally encrypted transmission signals up to the 960-feet range, which enables you to calm your baby with lullabies, singing, or by communicating while working on other tasks.

The auto-mute feature shuts the monitor screen when it detects the sound level below 50db or over 7 seconds. This feature extends the battery lifespan. The monitor is expandable up to 4 cameras which keeps you updated when multiple room monitoring is required.

Talking about the reliability, the manufacturer hasn’t left any question, because it comes with a 1-year quality guarantee, a 3-month money-back guarantee, 24/7 professional support.


  • Lightweight and quite easy to carry
  • Mind-blowing sound quality
  • Long-Lasting battery-life
  • 4 cameras expansion
  • Automatic night vision mode
  • Allow 8 alarm set up for different things
  • The monitor generates loud buzzing sometimes


The HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor has a sleek design, 1 lbs weight, 3.2-inch large LCD, and 960-feet long transmission range. This product is no doubt a 100% safe investment.


3-Panasonic Video Baby Monitor


Some parents reported an issue that the non-wifi video baby monitor has very limited transmission, making it harder to keep an eye on the baby while they are away. So, don’t worry the Panasonic Video Baby Monitor has solved that issue.Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor


Unlike other non-wifi baby monitors, this one offers an exceptional range of 1500-feet. It is equipped with the advanced DECT 6.0 technology which ensures the clear sound and video quality by minimizing the background disturbance. The extended transmission-reception is twice as compared to other similar models.

The extended range is not the only feature it comprises but the 3.5-inch large color monitor offers crisp image quality which grants you keep a close eye while sitting in any room of your house.

And the most amazing! When the night sets in, the wall-mounted automatic best non wifi baby monitor night vision camera gives continuous enjoyment of a clear image of a child’s sleep.

As it is equipped with a two-way talkback feature, you can communicate with your baby with ease while doing other works. This feature is one of the biggest reliefs for working parents. And of course, you can carry it outside the house as the transmission range is quite long.

Another feature that can never be neglected, is the built-in library of lullabies which is operated from the parent unit. Quite helpful though, when you are busy and your baby needs lullaby to be sung for calm sleep.

Compared to other competitors this monitor offers the longest battery life. With the screen off it offers 13 hours straight and with the screen on it offers 5 hours. The extended life makes it easier for the parents to look after their child a little longer.


  • Longest transmission range
  • Secure, safe, and reliable
  • Longest battery life
  • Quick setup and easy to use
  • Crystal clear picture quality
  • Smart sound and motion sensor
  • The monitor generates loud buzzing sometimes


The Panasonic video baby monitor is the most reliable investment when you own a big house because it offers the longest transmission range along with great features such as excellent video quality, extended battery life, affordable, and quick setup.


4- DBPower Video Baby Monitor


DBPower Video Baby Monitor is the most unique product. This non wifi monitor has the capability to record the HD videos of the baby. No doubt, this one makes your parenting life full of fun. It supports up to 32 GB Sd card for recording.Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor


Among all the above-mentioned top-quality products this model uses a 2.4GHz FHSS technology to encrypt the transmission signal and ensuring the 100% digital privacy. It comprises a 4.3-inch large color screen that offers 640 x 480p Resolution enabling you to clearly watch your baby sleeping.

Another amazing feature is its advanced alert system which gives you alert when your baby is crying, or when the battery is very low, or when you face a disconnection by accidentally moving outside the range. It gives both audio and video alerts.

The built-in temperature sensor feature grants you to track the nursery’s temperature, so you can ensure that the baby is sleeping safely and calmly.

Just like its competitor Panasonic monitor this one also comes with a built-in library of lullabies best non wifi baby monitor that can be operated through the parent unit to calm baby.

It is expandable up to 4 cameras which is a great feature when multiple room monitoring is needed. And also, it is equipped with night vision mode for tracking in dark and the two-way talkback feature to calm the baby.


  • Excellent alert feature for temperature, low battery, and out of range alerts
  • Easy to use
  • Great night vision
  • Video recording feature
  • Split-screen feature
  • 24/7 customer service
  • No screen-turn off feature
  • Poor battery life


The DBPower video baby monitor is very reliable as it comes with unique design, lightweight, 4.3-inch large color LCD display on the parent unit, about 1000 feet long transmission range, and 1-year warranty.

This product is no doubt a really good investment and worth considering.


5- Dragon Touch DT24 Wireless Video Baby Monitor


If you are expecting a baby and already spent almost all your savings in buying stuff for your upcoming child and facing hard economic times, and looking to invest in a wallet-friendly baby monitor then this Dragon Touch DT24 Wireless Video Baby Monitor is the best product to buy.Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor

It has all unique features like other available expensive monitors in the market. This one stands at the top of the list among the most affordable non-wifi monitors.


Like other expensive non-wifi monitors this one also uses 2.4GHz enhanced FHSS technology to encrypt the digital transmission signals. This technology ensures security and disturbance-free reception.

It transmits the signals up to the 900-feet long-range and offering you the freedom to roam in the house or walk in your backyard without having the hassle of losing connection.

The 2.4-inch LED color display offers the crisp visual of your baby. It has a 2x zoom feature which enables you to look at the minor details as well. Like the above-mentioned product, it also has an infrared night vision to give excellent visual at night.

Despite the affordable price this monitor gives the bulk of convenient features best non wifi baby monitor to save your life, such as nightlight (it creates an illusion for the baby to get better sleep), two-way talkback feature to calm the baby, automatic room temperature sensors, up to 4 cameras expansion, alarm setup, and a complete library of lullabies.


  • Affordable price
  • Infrared night vision mode
  • Quick installation
  • Two-way talkback
  • Excellent audio/video quality
  • Nightlight for a child to get better sleep
  • Smaller display screen
  • Little shorter battery life than competitors


This Dragon Touch DT24 Wireless Video Baby Monitor is an excellent option when you have a low budget. It comprises numerous great features such as temperature sensor, 2x zoom, great audio/quality, a nightlight, and many more.

This product is the best product to consider with a limited budget.


How to Pick the best non wifi baby monitor


There are several key features that you must look for while investing in a baby monitor.


The first thing you should look for is that the camera doesn’t use wifi for transmission. The majority of secure non-wifi cameras use 2.4GHz transmission along with the most reliable FHSS technology.

Because this transmission technology randomly changes the frequency which makes it almost impossible for a hacker to invade your baby monitors.

Transmission Range

One more important thing to look for is the transmission range because you buy the baby monitor for your convenience and monitor which has a shorter range becomes a hassle rather than convenience.

Optimally, the monitor which grants you roam around your house or in your backyard would be a great benefit.

Night Vision

The baby monitor must comprise the night vision feature because the baby monitor which allows you to keep an eye on your baby in just day time won’t be helpful. Make sure the baby monitor that you are potentially going to buy has night vision mode to monitor the baby even in a darker room.

NOTE: The infrared night vision mode provides better visual than the regular one. Visit our homepage.



what is the best non wifi baby monitor?

There are many great baby monitors out there but not all of them can be used on wifi. I have been using the Philips one for the last 3 years and it has never failed me, however it is a bit expensive.

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