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Here is the perfect solution for it, get a way to keep both kids safe, together, and un-fighting. Invest in the best double stroller for infant and toddler from a range of options.

A double stroller is an easy way to keep kids together and not wandering around the supermarket, the road, at a fair or even in the house. Depending on how friendly your children are to each other and the age difference you can choose between an in-line stroller or side-by-side one. In both cases, each child gets their own space and some room without hitting or kicking the other child. After all, you do not want a war going on as you shop at the mall.

There are some other options as well. These are usually rare, but you can select from new and eccentric ways to keep your children happy and distant at the same time, as they are together and with you. The other option is one where the infant child faces you and the toddler faces the front. Another may be where one of the children is sitting in front of the other child but both face front.

Two children are not usually of the same age. So, you need a stroller that has two different types of seat options. Here, you will find the Best double stroller for infant and toddler. While one seat is spacious enough to hold your toddler, the other comes with all the safety measures for an infant.

You do not need to go crazy with two children yet. Here’s what to do:

Choose from a list of what is considered as the best double stroller for infant and toddler. You will appreciate life a lot more when things are in your control in public places, as well as in clubs, restaurants, subways, and trips.

Having children should not mean that you are stressed for life, it should be easier than that, so let’s make it.


Best double stroller for infant and toddler Reviews



1- Chicco BravoFor2Best double stroller for infant and toddler


This one from Chicco BravoFor2 is a literal bravo to ensure both kids are comfortable, and the person pushing the stroller does not tire out.


The younger child or the infant can enjoy the front seat. The older child can enjoy the back seat. But the view of the older child will not be obstructed, because their seat is higher and raised.

Both children can choose from standing and sitting safely in the strollers.

The canopy is adjustable and can prevent harmful UV rays from reflecting on the child. There is a removable tray for serving food and it comes with cup holders. The infant seat is convertible. You can place it in your car by folding it. You can use the click-in attachment and enjoy its benefits even in the car.

The older child can sit in the comfortable back seat, This offers a lot of room. The child can in the rear-facing side of the stroller or front side facing the pathway ahead. It has a huge platform for a clear view. The seat is padded for comfort. It can be folded if not in use. There is a tough three-point harness for strapping the child in without harming them. This offers great security especially needed for a naughty toddler.

For the person pushing this stroller, there is great support too. They can enjoy a smooth ride and enjoy a safe journey without stress. There is a one-touch brake system for parking. There is a padded push handle so the hands do not cramp. The person can also place their baby bag or grocery items in the zip storage or the large basket under the infant child. The push-type in an  All-wheel suspension with front swivels.


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  • Balanced
  • No sibling rivalry
  • No fighting among each other
  • Baskets, trays, cup holders to keep food
  • Slightly longer than a horizontal stroller


The attention type will be undivided and thus will not contribute to sibling rivalry. Standing and Sitting strollers allow each child to stand and sit, without disturbing the other child or unbalancing the stroller. This makes the Chicco BravoFor2 an excellent choice for the toddler, the infant, and the parent.


2- Baby Jogger City Mini Double StrollerBest double stroller for infant and toddler


If you have twins of roughly the same nature or age then try the mini double stroller.

This is great for running errands with your babies. It will eliminate the need to hire a babysitter for many occasions.


The stroller has a patented quick-fold system. It has an auto-lock system to keep the stroller tightly shut when not in use. This makes it compact and it is already light in weight for easy pushing.

It has EVA polymer wheels, with sealed ball bearings for a problem-free ride each time. It also features double swivel front wheels. You can lock these into place if you traveling a long distance in the same direction.

The canopy is also removable, you can adjust it according to the sun. If your twins are irritable you can keep the canopy down and allow them to enjoy in peace without walking strangers to tease them.

The stroller is super safe with its front suspension wheels, these absorb the shock or vibration from road bumps and speed breakers. The stroller has a strong aluminum frame. It is a proper tandem stroller with baskets and cupholders.


  • Removable canopy
  • Perfect for twins or children with a 1-2 year apart age difference
  • If the toddlers/infants fight a lot, they might find a way to hit each other mock each other


You can enjoy urban mobility with this one, by using it on the roads, pavements and in the malls. This City Mini Double Stroller happens to be an award-winner. Each of the children can recline and sleep in the seat comfortably.


3- Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem PhantomBest double stroller for infant and toddler


You can easily allow 2 children to fit comfortably into your Baby Trend Sit N Stand Tandem Phantom.


You can also adjust it to your car as a car seat. The older child stands in the back platform and or sits there when tired. The baby sits in front, with an unobstructed view and comfort. This stroller is easy-to-clean. You can just simply spot clean or wipe with a fabric or cloth.

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem allows you to place both children in a safe position. The stroller will not fail. You can accommodate 2 children up to 50 pounds each. It comes with a canopy and basket which are removable.


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  • Removable canopy
  • Removable basket
  • Heavyweight fit
  • No parent cupholder


The child in front in enjoys a traditional stroller experience. The construction of the stroller is breathable to apply support for hot sunny days and travel times.


4- Graco Ready2grow StrollerBest double stroller for infant and toddler


If you have different needs on a daily basis then you can get this Groc Ready2Grow stroller. It offers versatility and comfort for all people involved in the ride.


This Grco Ready2Grow offers you to allow your children to enjoy up to 12 standing and sitting options. You can allow this stroller to provide a snug and well fit ride for both your children. It is fit for infants and youth. You can also remove the middle part to interact with your child. The child in the back will be on a raised platform for ease of view and comfortable legroom.

There is a backrest for uniting support. The baby in front can sleep in a fetal position without falling out. This means they will not feel tired and groggy in public places.

You can use the click-connect technology to place this in your car as a car seat, just need to get the attachment separately. You can also adjust the stroller parts into assemblage fo your liking. It offers versatility for multiple occasions.


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  • 12 customizable positions
  • Large basket and backrest
  • A few pieces in stock


This is a unique way to ensure that both kids feel equally happy. The mother or the father pushing the stroller can casually communicate with both at the same time. It is highly adjustable to your liking.


5- Baby Trend Sit N Stand DoubleBest double stroller for infant and toddler


The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller is a strong built, dual stroller designed for a heavy-duty social experience without bothering the children. You can enjoy this by allowing your children to sit in the front seat as well as the rear seats. They can stand up to their liking. You can let them enjoy as you shop etc.


The stroller comes with a large basket for the baby essentials or a baby bag. You can also place your grocery or even your car keys on it. The seats are loaded with a child food tray and cup holders. There is also a parent tray for your coffee or Slurpee, it is concealed.

The stroller does not weigh more than 40 pounds and that is super light considering it holds two babies. It is easy to clean up with soap and a cloth. You can also rub stains off with a warm damp cloth.


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  • Allows children to sit and stand
  • Large storage space
  • If you put children over a total of 80 pounds, it may become slightly or highly unstable



what is the best double stroller for infant and toddler?

Double stroller for infant and toddler has become a great hit with people today. It is a popular accessory that provides two separate seating areas for child. It is very light weight and is easy to push. Some double strollers are even foldable and compact, making them very convenient.

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