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In the list of baby’s “must-haves”, the thing that matters most for the well being of a baby is the best anti colic bottles. You may have seen many mothers who are desperate for sleep because they won’t get enough for weeks as the baby is wracked with the pain of colic. This could be one of the biggest problems for the new moms, but also quite easy to tackle if you are the know-how!

As the study says the main causes of discomfort for the baby are colic or indigestion—and these are almost dependent on the way you feed. The best way to prevent this is to make sure that the milk you are introducing shouldn’t have any air mixed in it. This definitely cuts the bulkiest amount of discomfort down for you and your baby.

Thanks to technology once again anti colic bottles reviews—there are some bottles that are specifically designed for reducing the chances of the best anti colic bottles reviews. And if you are searching for one o them to tackle the potential crisis then consider this article your guide and make sure to read till the end—I guarantee in the end you’ll be able to make a confident decision.


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1. MAM Easy Active Baby Bottle


The first product on our list is the Mam Easy Active Baby Bottle. The MAM is well-reputed in due to producing the best baby products. This bottle is another reliable offer. As it is well designed along with a soft nipple that fits in the base perfectly and never et any air to pass.

 Features and Performance of Anti colic bottles:

This Mam Anti colic bottles is clinically certified. It has a soft silicone nipple that fits perfectly in the baby’s mouth and never going to slip due to the anti-slip base. However, the soft nipple provides like mommy’s skin-like touch, that’s why babies accept it easily.

Moving the breastfed Anti colic bottles is a huge comfort and working moms can’t regret it. Feeding the baby with any other regular bottle won’t be easy as there is always a possibility of colic pain but with the MAM’s bottle switching baby is a lot easier—as it comprises a little vent in the base along with an advanced air valve which not only helps the baby for easy sucking but also regulates the airflow that can cause a problem later.

Usually, babies don’t accept pacifier because the regular ones are poorly made and are unable to provide the comfort which is looking for. But the Mam is performing really well in this field too. The package includes a soft pacifier that is soft that not only comforts the baby also do a part in oral development.

At a very first glance, it looks more than perfect as every inch was well-made and prevents any leakage which is evenly good for moms and babies.

Talking about the reliability and ease of use this product is intended for long-lasting use and also comprises a broad mouth that allows taking your hand to the bottom for easy cleaning.

  • Clinically tested baby bottle
  • Uniquely designed to regulate the airflow
  • Soft skin-like touch and readily accepted by baby
  • None at that time


Switching the baby from breastfeeding to bottle won’t be easy for anyone. But this MAM Easy Active Baby Bottle makes it really easy. It has all the features you should look for any best baby bottle.


2. Dr. Brown Option+ Baby Bottle


Among the most selling products this Dr, Brown Option+ Baby Bottle stands at the top of the list. Why this baby bottle is so successful? Allow me to answer. The best thing is the bottom-to-top sleek design and provides the ease of introducing a bottle to a breastfed baby.

Features and Performance

The manufacturer claims that it comprises a “positive pressure flow” feature—that is due to two pieces vent system. It helps to prevent vacuum by regulating the airflow through the vent system which eliminates the chances of burping, indigestion, and colic.

It helps to preserve the essential nutrients of milk as the nipple won’t collapse and no vacuum going to occur. Dr. Brown offers two different baby bottle options in the range. The first one is a tinted version and the second one is a glass version both of them have a wide neck along with a narrow bottle.

There are a lot of babies who have colic. The babies cry a lot during it. At that time, you need the best anti colic bottles. There are bottles that are explicitly designed to reduce colic in babies. They cut the air supply, and your child gets pure things. You need to look about it as it will help you a lot when the baby is in discomfort because of colic.

To provide an added peace of mind for the parents, these bottles are medically tested and very reliable. Every part is precisely made which offers mommy’s skin-like consistency that makes the baby accept readily.

Another plus is the vent system is detachable—which means you can remove the vent from the bottle whenever you get a sign the baby is ready for it.

  • Medically tested and precisely engineered
  • Regulate the airflow with the positive pressure flow feature
  • No vacuum occurs
  • The nipple is not going to collapse
  • None at that time


Dr. Brown has produced a very reliable baby bottle to prevent colic problems which is a great relief for both babies and parents. Besides being medically certified it is also readily acceptable by babies due to smooth soft-skin like texture.


3. Comotomo Baby Bottle


Among all other competitors, this Comotomo comprises a very unique wide-neck design. Just like other top-notch products, these are specially made of soft silicone which means the baby can have a soft-skin-like touch and even can squeeze when feeding.

Features and Performance

As mentioned, before it has the widest neck and a very flexible design that makes it very easy to clean by hand. Also, the nipple and bottle are dishwasher safe and can be sterilized in the microwave using a sterilization bag.

The Como Tomo bottle has four parts including the best anti colic bottles bottle, the nipple, outer ring, and the cap. To get your bottle ready put the nipple in the ring snap the outer cap, screw it on the bottle and check the seal.

Its simplest design makes it a great choice for first-time moms or anybody who is trying to bottle feeding in the middle of the night.

Many Como Tomo using moms says that this one is great if you are breastfeeding or sometimes going between breast and bottle. As the soft nipple and squishy bottle feel like a mom.

The two vents’ design regulates the air by directing it away from the nipple so, your baby only going to suck milk, not air which reduces the chances of burping, and colic.

  • Unique design works as anti-colic
  • Soft silicone made bottle
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Dishwasher and sterilizer safe
  • None at that time


The Comotomo Baby Bottle is specially designed for babies that perform really well in reducing the chances of colic. It makes of soft silicone which gives a baby a soft squishy mom like touch.


4-Tomme Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottles


The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature comes as a set of 5 bottles. At first glance, these tommee tippee bottles look so freaking cute and babies are going to love them a lot. Talking to storage capacity than this product can hold up to 9 ounces.

Features and Performance

It has four parts such as cap, nipple, nipple holder, and bottle. The best thing is the nipple which is very soft and has a curve like the design. Being a slow-flow nipple, it is recommended for a zero to 3 months baby. As it gives mom like to feel when switching between breast and bottle.

The wide nipple has an air-flow valve that regulates the airflow by directing it to outward and ensuring that the baby only going to suck milk.

Also, the bottle has a little vent in the middle of the housing that offers a very comfortable hold while feeding. As many moms mentioned, once the milk starts coming down the bottle it is stuck right near the outer ring so you have to tip it a little for skidding it further towards the nipple.

  • Soft nipple
  • Air vent to regulate air-flow
  • The curvy bottle offers better hold
  • Milk stuck near the outer ring


The Tommee Tipee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle is one of the best picks among our top 5 list. It literally has all the features that you usually search in a baby bottle and also it comes as 5 bottles set at very affordable price


5. Philips AVENT Anti-colic Bottle with AirFree Vent


Philips AVENT is been in the market for a very long time and recommends by many parent. Out there and this Philip AVENT Anti-colic Bottle with AirFree Vent is one of them.

Features and Performance

This bottle is specially design to aid digestion issues. The included air-free vent prevents air from getting into your baby’s tummy by filling the nipple only with milk. For testing turn the bottle upside down and turn it again to sideways you’ll see the nipple stays full of milk.

It makes multi-purpose means you can use it with or without the Airfree vent. So, as the baby grows best anti colic bottles and the stomach matures—you can use the bottle without the vent.

It comes with 5 different parts including a cap, nipple, and outer ring. Air-free vent, and bottle which make cleaning and assembling super easy. It is top-rack dishwasher safe and BPA free.

  • Soft and loved by babies
  • Slow flow for easy feeding
  • Airfree vent to prevent colic
  • Some claims that the wide nipple range is somewhat confusing


Come to the conclusion that this Philips Avent anti-colic baby bottle is very reliable and accompanied. All features that you usually search in the best anti-colic baby bottle. Visit our homepage.




What are the best Anti Colic Bottles?

The best baby bottles for colic are those that reduce the amount of air a baby swallows. This can be done by using narrower bottles and nipples, as well as venting systems on the bottle.

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