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Whether you are expecting or have already become a parent—you must start to create a list of baby’s “must-haves” like every other parent out there. Making this list is quite helpful as it keeps you focused and you start saving for buying all those things. In this list, the thing which comes, at last, is a self-feeding baby spoons. If you are looking for the best baby spoons then consider this article your guide and spend some time reading.

Why spoon comes at last? Let me answer, actually, there is a reason behind it as you might not going to need it early because these products come handy when the baby touches a 6-months point. A half-year age is an optimal age for them to provide solid food. To eliminate the possibility of a potential crisis, of course, you’ll have to check for signs that the child is ready for solid foods. Once the child ages six months, you’ll need to pick the best baby bowls and self-feeding spoons. The products are made to repel the germ and to keep the table clean, which is an added ease. So, rather than wasting any more time let’s dive into this review to find the best spoon.

Best Baby Spoons Reviews


1. OXO Tot On-the-Go Feeding SpoonOXO Tot On-the-Go Feeding Spoon


The OXO On-the-Go Feeding spoon comes at first place on our list and there is a reason behind it. This little gem has a rubberized grip that sets this product apart from all others. It comprises a compact size and comes with a case that fits perfectly in any handbag.

Features and Performance

Talking about the features the first thing that you’ll love is the design. The handle is ergonomic which gives your little one a firm grip, and your child is going to have a complete fun of meal in every scoop.

The second thing is the spoon head which is made of soft silicone material which ensures that it is not going to harm your baby’s gum and teeth. Also, the spoon’s shallow part is neither so deep nor flat, that picks a spoon of comfort with a moderate amount of food in each serving, rectifying the chances of overeating.

As mentioned already the soft silicone material allows getting every bite of food from the baby’s jar.

Another feature that is best among all is the compact size which makes it an easy fit for any diaper bag—an added ease for traveling. Also, the design is flat which prevents it from rolling around the bag and getting germs from everything inside.

It has many satisfied customers but some of them reported an issue that they received a green spoon not aqua and some mentioned that the aqua color turned to green over time. But that’s not an issue in our opinion because the color is not going to affect in any way.


  • Comes with compact-sized case for easy traveling
  • The food-grade silicone material is soft and ensures the child’s teeth and gums safety
  • The elegant countered design makes every scooping and serving full of fun
  • Currently an Amazon Add-On product
  • Aqua color turns green on overtime
  • Some reports for damaged case


This OXO on the ground is an amazing product to invest in. This product stands among early-usage products. It is soft and good for those children who are breastfed, as its soft construction material gives them a softer touch.

2. Munchkin 4 Fork and SpoonMunchkin 4 Fork and Spoon


When your child is little grown and becomes a little chitter-chatter, that means it’s a time to get him or her new spoon to boost confidence for self-feeding. Obviously, the starter spoon is not going help. At that point, the Munchkin 4 Fork and spoon come in the picture. This specific model comes as a complete package which includes 2 spoons and 2 forks.

Features and Performance 

The first thing while discussing the features is design. Unlike other competitors, this one has quite a unique design with a little bulky handle that fits seamlessly in the little palm and makes scooping amazing. The spoon head has a moderate size which is very little shallow that is perfect for a baby aging more than a year.

The base has a rounded-corner square-shaped design that never lets the spoon head to touch the table which eliminates the potential risk of germs. Also, it is sturdy and dishwasher safe.

At a certain age, every baby will want to feed themselves. At that time, you will need the best baby spoons. It is among the last in the to-do list of parents.  It is because a parent will not need it for at least the first six months. The biggest benefit of these spoons is that a lot of them will protect your baby from germs. Thus, they enable your child to learn to eat themselves.

It has a very unique feature that make it apart from other competitor is that the tip turn white when the food is too hot for the baby (100-degree Fahrenheit)

If you are looking for other essentials for a baby’s meal then this baby spoons Munchkin has everything to offer including bowls, cups, forks, and of course spoons. All of these things are specially designed for babies aging more than a year and need to get confidence for self-eating.

However, some parents have reported that the spoon is somewhat bulky which makes the spoon easier to drop from the little one’s palm. Genuinely, the spoon is a phthalate-free and BPA-approved product and is completely dishwasher safe.

  • Tip turn white to indicate the food is hot for baby
  • Soft and comfortable for little one’s mouth and gums
  • Longer handle for firm and easier grip
  • Amazon Add-on Item
  • According to some parent, the handle is weighty and easier to drop
  • Some reported an issue the spoon get melt while washing in the dishwasher


The Munchkin 4 Fork and Spoon is another great addition to the baby’s must-haves. It is soft and gentle which is great for the baby in every manner. If you are going to invest in Munchkin than no need to hesitate.

3. OXO Tot On-the-Go Spoon and Fork SetOXO Tot On-the-Go Spoon and Fork Set


The OXO Tot On-the-Go Spoon Aqua is our first entry in the list, but this OXO Tot On-the-Go Spoon and Fork come at number 3 three. That doesn’t mean this product is not worthy of consideration. This specific product best Baby Self Feeding Spoon has a pink color and comes as a set of fork and spoon, and a carrying case which is quite easy for traveling.

Features and Performance

Just like other top-level competitors this one also comprises a unique design that provides easier grip. The spoon and fork both have bulky handles; while the spoon has a pink color and the fork has a bright white color.

Unlike other starters, these both spoon and forkhead don’t have a silicone covering, as it is intended for 3 to 4 years kids.

The best baby spoons head is a little shallow which means it’ll get a considerable amount of food in every scoop. However, the unique curvy design offers a very firm grip to baby and also, the head stays untouched when placed on the table that eliminating the potential risk for germs.

In the end, the best thing among all the other is the compact size case—the spoon and fork both placed in it perfectly. And the case is very handy for traveling as it fits easily in any diaper bag or handbag. Also, the case ensures that the baby’s utensils are not going to touch anything inside the bag.


  • Both spoon and fork has a very ergonomic design
  • No sharp edges to harm baby’s gum or teeth
  • Perfectly shallow spoon for child
  • Perfect for meal and snack time
  • Amazon add-on item
  • Some parent reported an issue that the case delivered broken


Coming to the conclusion, as the product comes at number three which means that this product is quite effective for meal and snack time. It has many things to consider such as curvy design, soft handle, dishwasher safe, and compact-sized cover.

4- Lullababy Self-Feeding Baby SpoonLullababy Self-Feeding Baby Spoon


If you are looking for a product that can be used for long, then this Lullababy Self-feeding spoon is one of the great picks. I am claiming this because there is a reason behind it as this product comes as a complete set of 6 different spoons which has two different size—means your baby is going to have full fun from 6-month age to 1 to 2 years.

Features and Performance

As mentioned earlier the package includes 6 different spoons of two different sizes, especially the color is specifically chosen for babies. Just like any other top-notch baby utensils, these are also coted with soft-silicone which ensures that the baby is never going to harm his teeth or gums, as they usually used to play while having a meal.

After the soft touch, the first thing that matters most is the ease of use and this Lullababy performed really well best Baby Self Feeding Spoon in this section. As it comprises a very unique curve designed along with soft rubber coating—which fits perfectly in the cute little palm and not going to slip anywhere. Also, the spoon head is perfect and has a moderate depth that’ll prevent the over scooping

Another very big plus is the sturdy case—if you are a frequent traveler then this travel case is specifically for you. As it has a compact size that fits perfectly in any size of diaper bag and handbag, and obviously, make sure that utensils not going to touch anything even if it rolls inside.

The best thing which definitely convinces you to invest in this product is the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty—the manufacturer claims that you can replace it anytime if you didn’t like the shipped unit or can get a full refund. What a sigh of relief, because your money never goes wasted.


  • Amazing color for babies
  • Soft silicone coating for child’s safety
  • The safe case is an added convenience for traveling
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty
  • Amazon Add-on Item
  • Some parent claims that it’s not dishwasher safe


This product comprises 6 different spoons—which means it is going to be used for a long time. The Lullababy comprises everything that you usually look for in baby’s necessities. Don’t hesitate while investing in it, because you can get a full refund if you don’t like the product.

5. NUK First 3 Pieces Baby SpoonNUK First 3 Pieces Baby Spoon


When your little one grows a little becomes a little chitter-chatter, as a matter of fact, it is very cute to have little chat with him or her. Besides this, that’s also a fact that he or she is going to need a new spoon. In that case, the product we’ll suggest is Nuk First 3 Pieces Baby Spoon.

Features and Performance

As the name suggests this very product comes as a set of three pieces. As I have a little girl and the one which we picked for testing was on pink color but don’t worry there are many different color options available.

Talking about the best Baby Self Feeding Spoon design than it has a little bulky curve-shape handle that fits perfectly in the hand, while the smooth rubber-like coating which never lets it slip anywhere even when the baby is playing with it while having a meal.

Also, the little rounded square-shaped base keeps it above the table surface and prevents it from touching the ground which potentially eliminates the possibility of germs.

The spoon head is made of sturdy stainless steel which lasts long and boosts the baby’s self-confidence for self-eating. Strictly speaking, this product is not intended for babies aging 6-months to 1 year.

For reliability, don’t worry this one is dishwasher safe you can wash it easily as you wash other utensils.


  • Long-lasting product
  • Can be washed in dishwasher directly
  • Perfect for toddler
  • Package accompanies 3 pieces
  • Limited color options


This NUK First spoon accompanies 3 pieces in the package. The stainless steel spoon head makes sure that it is going to last long. However, the color options are very limit for me but this product performs excellently in all features.

6- Munchkin 6 Piece Raise Toddler Fork and SpoonMunchkin 6 Piece Raise Toddler Fork and Spoon


Munchkin comes again on our list, as there is a reason that this company is very well reputed for manufacturing the best baby products. And this Munchkin’s 6 Pieces Raise Toddler Spoon and Fork set is another great addition to the market.

Features and Performance

It comes a complete set that includes 3 different spoons and forks. All of these pieces have the same size, so be clear it is not for different aging kids. The handle has a small size little bulky-like design along with a soft non-slip coating and a little heart shape at the bottom.

The color and heart look fun. It offers toddlers a firm grip and it’s not going to slip from the hand. The central base connects the head and handle, and comprises a rounded square shape that keeps it above the table surface when placed on the table.

The spoon head is not too shallow to prevent scooping and the fork as well is very easy to use. Both of these weigh only 9 ounces, which means the baby will not face any difficulty while lifting.


  • Reliable and can be washed into the dishwasher directly
  • Includes 3x Spoons and 3x forks in the package
  • Make mealtime a fun time
  • Lightweight ergonomic design for easy hold
  • Need care for long-lasting use


In the end, this Munchkin comes as a complete set of forks and spoons. Its ergonomic design along with ease of use this product worth the consideration. However, you have to use it with care for long-lasting performance.

7- Nuby 4-Pack Hot Safe Feeding SpoonNuby 4-Pack Hot Safe Feeding Spoon


Nuby comes at last in our list doesn’t mean it’s not a good performer. It stands among the top-notch products and has many happy customers out there. The Nuby 4-Pack Hot Safe Feeding spoon is another reliable product.

Features and Performance

The Nuby arrived as a pair of self-feeding spoons which is just amazing. Like the above-mentioned product, this also has a curved design but one thing which is slightly different is the twisted neck.  However, this little addition in design makes it more comfortable for handheld use.

Another feature that ensures child safety is that it changes its texture if the food is too hot for the child. Pretty amazing though!

These spoons can be placed in a bottle for safekeeping. And the construction material is really soft which makes sure that the infant is not going to hurt his teeth or gums. However, the spoon head is relatively small along with smooth edges that are specifically designed for kids.

The package includes 4 spoons to make sure that it is the best option among self-feeding baby spoons.


  • Relatively long handle for ease of use
  • Smooth edges to make sure the baby’s safety
  • Lightweight and reliable
  • Soft construction material
  • Not safe for microwave
  • Get mold if the temperature is high


Among all the above-mentioned products, this Nuby comprises a very unique design best Baby Self Feeding Spoon that ensures that it fits perfectly in your hand and the soft edges wouldn’t hurt the baby’s mouth.

Things to Consider while Picking

While creating the list of baby’s must-haves these self-feeding spoon comes at last but can’t be neglected. Once the baby touches the 6-month mark he or she needs to be prepared for self-eating and these baby spoons are really helpful for boosting their confidence up.

There are several things that you must look for while choosing any spoon for your toddler.

1- Material

The material is the first thing that matters because the soft construction material no ensures your child’s safety but also gives them ease of use. Spoons that are made of metal don’t specifically intend for babies—because using metal baby spoons could hurt the baby.

Once he or she gets hurt from the metal spoon he or she will refuse to eat out of fear. The materials that are perfect for kid’s utensils are wood, soft plastic, and food-grade silicone.

2- Handle Design

If you haven’t introduced your baby to self-eating than you don’t have to be picky for designs. And once you introduce best Baby Self Feeding Spoon than design matters most. The self-feeding spoon should have a soft handle with a somewhat little curve like design which makes it a lot easier to grip.

3- Size

The baby soon looks relatively small when compared to any other regular spoon but that small size is perfect for a little mouth. As it fits perfect and prevents over-scooping.

4- Health Hazard

A baby’s health is the biggest issue for any parent. So, while picking any product for your baby make sure there shouldn’t be anything that can cause any hazard to health.

5- Tips

Tips or spoon head whatever you call is another factor that matters. The baby’s spoon head neither be too shallow nor be too flat it must comprise moderate depth to make sure that the baby is not over scooping and having full fun of the meal.

6- Weight

About 9 ounces of weight is perfect for the baby’s spoon because it isn’t too heavy to lift.

7- Easy to Clean

Being easy to use it must be easy to clean. Many of them are dishwasher safe so, while picking any of them make sure to pick the one that suits you most.


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