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Young toddlers are not good enough to balance themselves on the bike and taking them along with us is quite a difficult job to do. To overcome this situation there is a product available in the market called baby bike seats. I personally used some of them, some left behind good memories and some bad. After researching a lot, I am writing this article to help young parents to find the Best Baby Bike Seat.

Being a parent if you are looking for a bike seat for your little one then consider this post a guide. While searching for baby bike seats there are many different options available to consider, you need to make a couple of things before selecting, such as the seat fits your child as well as your bike’s handle.

We have mentioned the top 10 most loved and reliable bike seats. So, it is recommended to spend some time reading and grab the one which suits you the most.

Before moving down to the list—I would like to explain the different kinds of mounting categories:

Front Mount Frame: As the name suggests—it is mounted to the front handlebar. These types have comparatively smaller designs as compared to the rear mount ones. These are only beneficial if you have a toddler aging around 6 months to 2 years. And I personally, like this one too because it gives you the ease of engaging with your child.

Rear Mount Frame: For older toddlers, this rear mount frame is a good option. It mounts to the rear frame and provides better reliability and suspension but is somewhat difficult to fit on some bikes.

Rear Back: One thing to clarify, the rear mount frame and rear back are two different things. This one mounts at the rear back not the rear frame. It will be the best pick if your bike doesn’t fit the rear mount frame.

MTB Seat: MTB seats or Mountain Bike seats are great if you own a mountain bike and tackle a single-track.

Best Baby Bike Seat 2022 


1-Thule Ridealong Child Bike Seat

Being, reliable, adjustable, and reclinable this Thule Ridealong Child Bike seat is one of the best rear-mounted seats among all other competitors. Additionally, it is well-built, easy to mount, and comprises a rota of useful features. It mounts to the seat tube and is a very good choice unless you have no wires running beneath. It weighs about 48.5 pounds and an optimal choice for kids aging 1 to 6 years.Thule Ridealong Child Bike Seat

As compared to other bikes this Thule provides ease of use, reliability, suspension, and shoulder straps that keep the baby secure by eliminating the chances of potential risks.

Talking about the Best Baby Bike Seat adjustment than it is as easy as nothing. There is a lever beneath the seat through where the recline algorithm works. After reclining there is no need to adjust the shoulder straps. Another blue lever is located below the seat through which a seat-mounted chair can be moved forward and backward.

The one I received doesn’t need a shoulder strap adjustment but different kids have different heights so it needs to adjust accordingly, and doing this is not a difficult job at all. Just lift up and slide down the blue handle located in the back—repeat this process until you get a proper height, and once you got push the button. Make sure there should be very little or gaps between the top and bottom of the shoulder.

A plastic bumper is also included in the package to prevent the child’s hand from getting pinched if there is a need to lean up the bike against the fence of the wall. The shoulder straps are reliable and remain in their place.

The only downside that I found is that the foot strap is not good and with just a little wiggle the kid can easily remove his/her foot.

  • Excellent quality durable construction
  • Usage and mounting are a breeze
  • Reclinable
  • Suspension for comfortable rides even for sleeping babies
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Foot straps can be improved more


The Thule Ridealong baby bike seat is specifically intended for kids aging around 1 to six years. It comes with many reliable features. However, little bit pricey but gives great value for money.

2-Thule Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat

This Thule Yepp Maxi stands among the list of those few baby bike-seats that gain trust of parents. This unit comprises a seat which is popular among every serious biker. If you want a Best Baby Seat for Bike to buy than this one is no doubt a great pick.Thule Yepp Maxi Child Bike Seat

When considering the Yepp maxi for your family one of the most important things to understand right off the bat is that there are really two different versions. The Yepp Maxi standard and Yepp Maxi Easyfit, the standard version mounts to the seat tube under your seat post, while the easy fit version mounts on the rear frame of your bike.

We are covering the standard version here. It is specifically designed for kids aging between 9 months to 6 years. Keep in mind these two available versions are not convertible. So, spend some time deciding before spending money on any of it.

The backrest has a large height that grows with your children and little foot straps are adjustable. However, the installation is a little bit time-consuming.

The seat itself is made of rubbery material which is water-resistant and can be washed with the washcloth. The seat can hold weight more than 50+ pounds. The shoulder straps are reliable can be adjusted manually as per your requirement.

Talking about the comfort, the seat is softer than the hard-plastic seat and has many holes in it which helps to breathe in hot sunny weather. Keep in mind, it is not reclinable that makes it less optimal for the little one who tends to fall asleep on the bike.

There no possibility of eliminating the potential risks completely while riding with your child on a bike, but this Yepp maxi performed very well in minimizing the chances of risks. It offers 5-point harness and a safety reflector located in the back of the seat.

The feature I personally liked the most is the safety lock feature. It gets locks at its place with the key that not only secures your child from the accident but also protects against theft.

  • Comfortable, washable seat
  • Fits on most bikes
  • Classy look
  • Not reclinable
  • Installation takes time


Coming to the conclusion this Thule Yepp Maxi is a reliable investment. It has a very sturdy construction that lasts long and grows with your child. Everything including color, material, shoulder strap, safety features, and easy usage gives great value for the money.

3-Bellelli Rack Mount Baby Bike Seat

Among the above-mentioned products, this Belleli Rack Mount Baby Bike Seat is the only one that offers front mount. It mounts on the front rack of your bicycle and weighs around 7 pounds, due to its lightweight you’ll never face any hard times while riding.Bellelli Rack Mount Baby Bike Seat

The installation is a breeze and for added convenience, the manufacturer added a seat-post for extra stability. At very first glance, it looks remarkable as the design is perfect that includes neck-rest back-rest, and foot-rest to offer the most comfortable riding experience to the child.

However, the reclinable feature allows you to adjust the Best Best Baby Bike Seat as per your requirement—means if you little toddler who usually tends to sleep during the ride, you can adjust the angle to give child little more comfort.

Coming to the construction, it is well made with rubbery like excellent material which is softer than the hard-plastic and the design itself has little gaps in the back which never leaves the child with sweaty back in summer.

As many satisfied users say, it can hold more than 50 pounds easily—which is perfect for 1 year to 6 years kids.

  • Unique design
  • Sturdy construction makes it reliable
  • Accompany a rota of child-friendly and parent-friendly features
  • Pleasantly easy installation
  • Strap quality can be improved


This Bellelli Rack Mount Baby Bike Seat is a great pick if you are not a regular biker. As this one has the easiest assembling and disassembling. Its lightweight, sturdy construction, unique design, reliability, and ease of use adds more value to it.

4-Topeak Baby Seat 2

The Topeak Baby Seat 2 is another addition to rear mount options. It can hold up to 50 pounds and suitable for kids aging 1 years to 4 years. It has many user-friendly features such as rack, suspension, wrap-around design, lap locking, and foot-rest.Topeak Baby Seat 2

This seat offers the easiest installation—all you have to do is just attach the rack with given bolts, and slide the yellow brace in-between the top rack and seat bottom, and that’s it!

Just like installation, the buckling process is also very, just unlock the lap bar first then adjust the straps as want. You and your child are ready to experience the most exciting and secure ride.

For an added protection of the child, this includes a plastic guard and foot restraints that secure the child from tires reduce the chances of potential danger. As for different aging kids, it includes 7 manners of adjustments.

  • Unique wrap-around design for added protection
  • Easy to mount
  • Great buckling system
  • The seat sits close to saddle


In the end, the Topeak is a perfect product to invest in. It is probably the easiest to use a rear-mounted adjustable seat. It comprises many parent-friendly, and child-friendly features, also it gives an added protection to child during ride.

5-Bellelli Bicycle Baby Carrier Seat

Like the above-mentioned similar option, this Bellelli Bicycle Baby Carrier seat is a great pick. This is specifically intended for non-regular bikers. It is a lightweight, reliable, well-made, and front rack-mount baby bike seat.Bellelli Bicycle Baby Carrier Seat

It has a soft construction that lasts long and gives a comfortable biking experience to the child. As the seat has a little bit more height than the usual so, it gives something to the child to rest his/her head. The seat is inclinable which is a plus for little ones.

Unique design lets the child breathe even in the hot summer conditions. There some other features too such as shoulder straps, backrest, and foot restraints which provide more comfort.

As the manufacturer Best Baby Bike Seat advertises it can hold up to 50 pounds but one of the satisfied customers says that you can use it for a child having weight over 50 pounds. To overcome security concerns, it includes a 3-point harness.

  • Unique design
  • Durable and reliable
  • Adds features for child’s protection
  • Quick installation
  • Poor strap quality


For non-regular bikers, this Bellelli baby bike seat is a great pick. As it is affordable in price and accompany tons of parent-friendly as well as child-friendly features.

6-Thulle RideAlong Mini Bike Seat

Unlike the above-mentioned Thule option, this Thule RideAlong Mini Bike Seat is a front mount bike seat. As the name suggests this option is intended for smaller kids. It is lightweight and fits one the stem of your bike.Thulle RideAlong Mini Bike Seat

This bike seat gives safer and comfortable rides to the child. It’s designed for children aging between 1 year to 3 years weighing up to 33 to 38 pounds. It gives a soft handlebar in the front to give the child something to hold during the ride.

The seat itself is adjustable and fits even perfectly as the child grows. It fits perfectly on the handlebar stem. The included 5-point harness, sturdy foot straps, and leg shield are an added plus from safety perspective.

However, The seat cushion and shoulder straps have foamy padding which provides extra comfort. And the seat cushions are also reversible means you can customize the seat design on your own.

The seat can easily be removed from the bicycle with the hardware attachment is still in place. So, that you can enjoy your ride on your own.

For installation process—first of all, separate the bracket; put it around the stem, put the backside on, tight the hardware with the help of Allen key and make sure the bracket doesn’t back and forth around the stem. Now place the seat on the installed hardware and screw it tightly too.

  • Offers easy usage and installation
  • Foam padded shoulder straps
  • Reliable buckling system
  • Foot straps can be improved more


Coming to the conclusion, this Thule ridealong mini bike seat is great if you have small kids or your kids are not regular riders. It is lightweight, easy to install, comfortable, and very easy to use.

7-Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini Child Bike Seat

This is another great addition in the market by Thule. This Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini Child Bike Seat is specially designed for 1 year to 3 years kids. It includes a 5-point harness, footrest, and handle bard to provide added security and comfort to the child.Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini Child Bike Seat

Unlike other top-notch products, this one has non-porous seat padded with soft foam and you can buy a face pad to separately to rest his/her head during the nap.

Anyhow, compared to other this one is a little pricey, before picking this one make sure you have a little higher budget.

The universal bracket fist perfect on you bicycle stem and the seat itself rest over it, you can also remove the seat whenever you want and enjoy the ride alone.

To provide added protection it includes foot straps, childproof, magnetic buckle, and face pad (which sold separately). The mounting bracket itself is very sturdy and moderate backrest height won’t interfere with the child’s helmet.

  • The mounting bracket is compatible with various bikes
  • Handlebars for added stability
  • Durable and last long
  • Soft cushiony seat
  • Easy mounting and dismounting
  • Shoulder straps have little less height



However, this Thule Yepp Nexxt is a very reliable option to invest in. compared to others it is a little pricey and before picking this one make sure that it fits your bike perfectly.

8-Peg Perego Orion Baby Bike Seat

Bike seats are usually too expensive but this Peg Perego Orion Bike Seat is an affordable addition in front mount family. As the toddlers quickly outgrow, so this front mount option would be a great pick if you don’t want to spend too much money in baby seats.Peg Perego Orion Baby Bike Seat

There are countless bike frames available in the market and the major issue with the Best Baby Seat for Bike is the fitting. But thanks to Peg Perego Orion as it fits perfectly with the huge variety of bikes. Unlike most front-mounted seats this Orion doesn’t mount on the headset but in actual it offers four different varieties of installation.

Coming to usability, then like most front mount seats this one also can hold up to 33 pounds—means it is a perfect fit for kids having age limit 9 months to 3 years. Unlike other expensive seats, this one has little less room for bulkier children as they can outgrow it before time.

The included handlebar can be removed depending upon your preferences—as your child grow you can remove it to give him or her little more room for wiggle.

The shoulder straps are somewhat normal and don’t have foam padding as you’ll get in some expensive options. For length adjustment, these can be loosened or tighten from the plastic slider located in the back.

  • Affordable in price
  • Secure buckle for added safety
  • The handlebar can be removed for giving kids an extra space
  • Compatible with a wide variety of bikes
  • Short shoulder straps
  • Comparatively smaller seats
  • The first-time installation takes a little bit of time


Among front mount options this peg Perego Orion is a great option to invest in. It has features like sturdy construction, wide compatibility, secure buckle, and foot restraints for added safety.

9-SHOTGUN kids Mountain Bike Seat

This shotgun kids mountain bike seat is not like the traditional bike seat. It has saddle like construction which fits perfectly on mountain bikes and provides extra stability for 2 to 5 years of kid.SHOTGUN kids Mountain Bike Seat

However, Keep in mind it is specifically designed for MTB bike so, if you own an older bike or a regular road bike than this is not for you. It mounts on the front and sits in the front pipe of the cycle.

Most parents who use MTB don’t take their kids with them regularly, so they must need a seat that can be detached without taking much time. There is a user manual included in the package which has all instructions mentioned in it, just follow them and in less five minutes you’ll be ready to go.

Most saddle-like mountain bike seat leaves a scratch on the front pipe of the bike which the biggest issue for every passionate bike but don’t worry this shotgun seat comprises rubber protection which guarantees your bike protection and won’t leave any scratch behind.

  • Great quality construction
  • Gives good value to money
  • Specially designed for biking in the forest
  • Better stability with quick assembling and disassembling
  • Not good for little toddlers


Coming to the conclusion, this mountain bike is stable and specifically designe for passionate bikers. It allows you to take your kids with you in the forest and spend some quality time with them. It is well-designe to minimize the chances of potential risks.

The bike is usually suited for only one person. However, if you ever go outside, it is challenging to accommodate your child on a bike. Whether it is a short commute to the nearest park or a trip to the area superstore, a  Best Baby Bike Seat will help you. Your baby will sit comfortably with you, and you will paddle without any worry.

what is the best baby bike seat?

This one is most probably the biggest question you’ll hear from a biking family. However, picking the best one is not an easy job as you have to look in two things; first, the east should be comfortable for the child and the seat should fit perfectly to your bike.

As there is a wide variety of bikes available in the market so before picking anyone them make a list of your requirements and do a cross-check manually. It would help you to get a better one.

There are many options available such as front-frame mount, rear-frame mount, rear back mount, and MTB seats. After reading too many reviews and testing some options personally we have created a list of best bikes so, take some in reading the above-mentioned options you’ll definitely get an idea that which one works best.


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