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Having twins doubles the joy for everyone but also, it doubles the trouble. It is one of the biggest truths that we are never prepared for the twins indeed. Now, if you are searching for the best products for your kids, including the best baby monitor for twins. Well, I have to say that you are in the right place because we have compiled a complete list of top products for you so that you can keep an eye on your little treasure’s room. Absolutely, right?

 The baby monitor not only grants you keep an eye when you are away but also, peace of mind. The only problem that many parents face is that which product is the best and most reliable? So, worry not!

For making things easier for the working parents who don’t have time to search among the vast variety of different baby monitors, we have listed some of the best products below. Spend a couple of minutes, to read the complete article.

In the end, you’ll be able to make a confident decision and gets the best value for your money.


Best Baby Monitor for Twins


1- Infant Optic DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


This one is the best pick if you are planning to keep you both children in one room, because this Infant Optic DXR-8 gives you a panoramic view of the room, enabling you to keep a close eye on every corner of the nursery.Best Baby Monitor for Twins

Features and Performance

The setup is pleasantly easy, after plugging in just place the camera wherever you want. Keep in mind the camera rotation is limited so taking some time to think about the placement for a better angle would be a great idea.

The camera can be tilted horizontally as well as vertically giving you ‘robotic’ monitor like ease.

When it comes to design than this unit ships with a camera and a parent unit. The camera is encircled by the 8 LEDs on-camera unit which ensures the crisp view, while the 3.5-inch large screen on the parent unit provides crystal clear images.

In terms of security, it performs well because it uses a 2.4GHz FHSS wireless transmission technology which encrypts the transmission signals, making it hard to capture by any other intruder.

Also, it accompanies a feature of the interchangeable lens which makes it an optimal choice among the other competitors.

The camera has a very unique and compact design, at a glance you’ll notice that it has magnificent weight to size ratio, providing you the ease of moving anywhere around the house.

It comprises a remote camera which offers tilt/zoom and pan feature enabling you to zoom maximum, even to check that the baby’s eyes are closed or not.

The included talkback feature offers two-way communication which comes handy while you are away and gets an alert that the baby is crying. With this feature, you can communicate with your babies to calm them or even sing a lullaby when they are awake need to get better sleep.

The infrared night vision mode gives excellent image quality at night helping you to monitor without personally going to the nursery to check whether the baby is asleep? Otherwise, you might face a hassle of accidentally waking him up.

The sound sensor is quite excellent as through it the faintest sound can be heard and you can manually adjust volume from the parent unit as well.

A lot of people think that having twins means more fun. However, at the same time, it is more responsibility for you. With that said, the Best baby monitor for twins will solve a lot of your problems. It will help you to keep an eye on your twins and, at the same time, know about their health.

And also, we would like to mention that this unit can be expanded up to 4 cameras—which is a great addition when you need to monitor multiple rooms. Another great feature is the room temperature sensor which helps you to monitor the room temperature, ensuring the child comforts to its truest.

The manufacturer claims that the battery lasts for 8 hours when used as a video baby monitor, and last for 12 hours when used as an audio-only monitor (power saving mode). Isn’t it sound great? You might get this feature quite helping in power shortage conditions.


  • Give ease like a professional camera system
  • Compact design
  • Easiest installation
  • Reliable features
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • ‘OK’ button located on the parent unit is ambiguous


The Infant Optic DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor has a rota of most reliable features including night vision mode, temperature sensor, audio detector, great audio/video quality, and many more.

This product worth consideration and highly recommended by us.


2- VTech VM321-2 Video Baby Monitor


This VTech baby monitor is one of the best options to invest in because it has a great customer rating and a very affordable price. This unit comes with two cameras and one parent unit. The toe cameras enable you to monitor your baby anywhere in the house. Also, it comes handy when you have twins want to monitor both at a time.Best Baby Monitor for Twins

Features and Performance

It comprises almost all the features that might be looking for in the best option. The parent unit has a compact size and very lightweight which can be carried with ease. The display screen is relatively large to give better viewing and two workings with two camera capabilities to help you to make one stationary while the other one is moving as per your requirement.

It comprises an advanced DECT 6.0 technology which removes all annoying background noises and ensures the clearest audio, making sure the sound you hear is of your baby.

Just like the other competitor it comprises a two-way communication or talks back feature which enables you to communicate with your baby when he/she is crying, you can talk to them or even sing a song to calm them.

The camera lens is adjustable and can be controlled through the parent unit which lets you choose a better viewing angle for better monitoring. Furthermore, it accompanies an LED night vision mode which consists of 8 LEDs, making sure that you can check your baby even at night time.

As mentioned above it ships with two cameras, but this VTech VM321-2 is expandable up to 4 cameras which allow you to connect two more cameras to keep an eye on four different locations of your house.

  • Package includes two cameras and one parent unit
  • The parent unit has a 2.8-inch display screen
  • Two-way talkback feature to calm your baby
  • The camera lens can be adjusted
  • Audio/Video quality can be improved
  • Insecure connection
  • No remote controlling system


VTech VM321-2 is a great option to consider. Many reliable features make it worthy like two-way communication, up to 4 cameras expansion, adjustable camera lens, lightweight, compact size and many more.


3- Babysense Video Baby Monitor


The Babysense video baby monitor comprises a 4-inch large LCD and enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS technology which offers secure and high-quality transmission. The connection is very stable and the sound quality is crisp.Best Baby Monitor for Twins

Features and Performance

This video baby monitor has a rota of reliable features that keep your baby safe and gives you peace of mind, and you can also get yourself a much-needed nap.

Rather than running towards your baby whenever they cry, you can use included two-way talkback feature to communicate. This feature comes handy when you are away and your baby needs a lullaby for calm sleep.  

It uses a digital transmission system to transmit the signals to the parent unit, for this purpose it uses enhanced FHSS digital transmission technology which encrypts the signal before transmission and makes it impossible to hack.

While talking about the visual quality, the camera comprises a zoom/pan/tilt feature which can be controlled through the parent unit and gives a 360-degree view of the room. With 2x zoom and 4-inch color LCD, you can keep an eye on minor details as well.

Doesn’t it sound great?

As the manufacturer advertised this unit has a 900-feet long transmission range, which allows you to roam around the house or even to take a walk in your backyard or outside your house, but within a 900-feet range.

The room temperature monitor lets you know about the temperature of the nursery so you can make sure that the temperature is bearable for the baby.

The automatic infrared night vision mode gives a clear visual of the baby even when the night sets. The voice activation feature and Sound activated LED indicators are also included. These features give you clear visuals at night and give you an alert when the baby is awake and crying.

It is expandable up to cameras, which means you can track 4 different rooms with one parent unit. Also, it has a couple of mounting options such as tabletop and wall mounting. Take some time to think about the placement to get a better viewing angle.


  • Comprises the latest technology to bring you peace of mind
  • Excellent audio reception to hear the faintest sound
  • Infrared night vision mode
  • Room temperature sensor
  • Annoying beeping sound while searching for connection
  • The extra bright screen can awake your baby
  • The range is little less than claimed 900-feet
  • The zoom function can be improved more


This Babysense Video Baby Monitor is a great option when you have to monitor multiple rooms. It has night vision mode, auto-room temperature sensor, night vision mode, talk-back feature and many more.


4- MoonyBaby Split Screen Video Baby Monitor


If you are searching for the best video baby monitor that comprises features like Smart Voice Activation, 360-degree rotation, and many more than this MoonyBaby Split Screen baby monitor worth consideration.Best Baby Monitor for Twins

This Split Screen large LCD monitor has very reliable features like night vision, clear image, and a temperature sensor that offer ideal security and comfort of your child.

Features and Performance

As we talk about the features than the one which comes on the top is the 2.4 GHz FHSS digital Transmission technology which ensures the encryption of digital signals before transmission. With this advanced technology, the transmission signals don’t lag and offer stable connection. The feature Best Baby Monitor for Twins that is worth keeping in mind that it does everything without an internet connection.

The package includes two cameras each one controlled through parent unit, has about 280-degree horizontal pan, and about 40-degree vertical tilt, enabling you to see every corner of the nursery.

Installation of this three-piece system is quick and easy, just place the camera wherever you want, turn on the parent unit, connect the parent unit to the camera. For this purpose, no wifi connection is required.

The 2x zoom feature gives you a closer look at your child, even you can see that the child’s eyes are open or closed. From the parent unit, you can check one or both camera feeds, so you can switch to any specific one in just seconds.

The battery works about 6 hours when used continuously, or you can switch power saving mode which automatically turns the display screen off, and turns it one whenever it detects the sound. This feature is great to use at night or in power shortage conditions.

The night vision mode automatically turns on when it detects the lights in surrounding gets dimmer. Both cameras have audio reception capability so you can listen to your child’s activities. Also, you can talk back and play with them through one camera at times.

It comprises a complete library of lullabies, night light, and room temperature sensors, which guarantees the child’s better to sleep and your peace of mind.


  • Easy setup
  • Multiple camera views
  • Reliable features
  • Zoom/pan/tilt camera option
  • No automatic lens setup


This MoonyBaby video camera offers multiple room tracking, night vision mode, a nightlight, a wide-angle, and long battery life. This adds value to the money you spend on buying.


5- AXVUE E612 Video Baby Monitor


Are you looking for the best baby monitor to keep an eye on two different rooms, at an affordable price Best Baby Monitor for Twins, Than this AXVUE E612 Video Baby Monitor is no doubt the best option that is worth considering? This monitor offers good audio/video quality, two-way communication, a long-range, and excellent reception.Best Baby Monitor for Twins

Features and Performance

It comprises the TFT-LCD display screen which offers great video quality even when the light is quite dim. The parent unit has a 4.3-inch display screen along with vertically aligned control buttons located in the left and right.

The camera zoom feature is magnificent, latterly, the best one in our opinion. Another great feature is the scan cam which automatically switches between the two cameras every 8 seconds.

Just like the other top-level competitor this one also comprises a 2.4 GHz technology which ensures stable and distortion-free transmission. The optimal video transmission and data privacy are guaranteed.

As advertised, it has an 800-feet transmission range which is quite decent for a medium-sized apartment. For added convenience, this unit also has a two-way communication feature which is quite helpful while you are busy with household tasks.

Compared to other competitors this axvue E612 offers only an 8-hours battery life which is a little low, but the low battery alert will let you know when the device needs charging.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Scan cam feature to switch cameras
  • 2-way talk back feature
  • Crystal clear audio/video quality
  • Little low battery life
  • Split-screen feature to see both cameras


This AXVUE E612 video baby monitor adds convenience to life or working women, as it has the all top-quality features Best Baby Monitor for Twins and very affordable price. The only thing from where it lacks is low battery life otherwise, the product is great, and highly recommended!


6- Willcare Baby Monitor


The Willcare video baby monitor offers one of the best two-way communication systems among other available products. It also, cost a little more, as the better feature demands more price.Best Baby Monitor for Twins

Features and Performance

Like other competitors, this one also uses 2.4 GHz for transmission which is a more stable Best Baby Monitor for Twins than the radio and open wifi connection.

The ECO(VOX) system is quite reliable for saving power. It activates by double-tapping the button located on the body, it’ll remove all background noises as long as the room remains under 40dB, and turns on automatically whenever it detects sufficient noise.

You’ll also receive visual alerts on the parent unit while functioning normally. It can also work as an audio-only monitor, and notifying that your child is awake or something else happening in the room.

Also, the nightlight feature illuminates very dim light from the camera which helps the child to sleep calmly. Additionally, it’s a very lightweight unit, which comprises a very sleek and smooth design.


  • Two-way communication feature
  • Small, sleek, and lightweight design
  • Power saving option
  • Works on 2.4GHz frequency
  • Little expensive
  • Nightlight feature is not effective due to design
  • Poor battery life


Willcare Baby Monitor comes with plenty of reliable features. As compared to its competitor this product Best Baby Monitor for Twins is a little expensive but accompanies better functioning.

If you take our advice than this product is highly recommended.


7- HelloBaby HB65 Video Baby Monitor


The HelloBaby HB65 Video Baby Monitor is another good option to pick from our list. This product has a rota of unique features such as Wide viewing angle, crystal-clear video/audio quality, two-way talkback communication, and the simplest setup.Best Baby Monitor for Twins

Features and Performance

The parent unit accompanies a 3.2-inch large display screen along with many control buttons horizontally located on both sides.

The camera offers great zoom to keep an eye on little details as well and has about 255-degree horizontal pan, and about 120-degree vertical tilt, ensuring that you monitor everything.

As it is listed under the best baby monitor for twins, it is expandable up to 4 cameras which comes in handy when you have to monitor multiple rooms throughout the unit.

It has an automatic temperature sensor that gives you an alert when the temperature becomes unbearable for the child. Additionally, it has a two-way talkback feature to calm your baby when he cries, and a pre-programmed library of lullabies that help you give your child sweet sleep when you are busy with other tasks.


  • Excellent audio/video quality
  • Multiple camera expansion
  • Reliable features
  • Large display
  • No option to store video


This product offers better audio and video quality, the battery timing and smart features are quite reliable.

This product is highly recommended!


8- Motorola WiFi Video Baby Monitor


The Motorola WiFi Video Baby Monitor video baby monitor is the wifi monitor on our list. This product is very reliable. This monitor allows you to keep an eye on your baby monitor when you are away from home.Best Baby Monitor for Twins

Features and performance

The package includes two cameras along with one parent unit. The parent unit Best Baby Monitor for Twins has a 3.5-inch large display screen and has full control over both cameras.

The remotely adjustable camera provides zoom, pan, and tilt options, enabling you to monitor each detail.  The automatic infrared night vision feature offers high-quality stable video streaming, even at night.

Some smart features such as sound level indicator, two-way talk-back, low battery alert, and a library of five lullabies to calm your baby, are quite reliable.

How can we forget about the amazing mobile app? It is available for both iOS and Android. This app helps you to keep an eye on your baby while you are at work or even talk to them to calm them.

  • Reliable smart notification
  • Temperature sensor, night vision mode, motion, sound, low battery alert
  • Portable, sleek design
  • No split-screen


The Motorola WiFi Video Baby Monitor is very reliable for working women because it allows you to Best Baby Monitor for Twins your, baby, from work as well. This product is recommended because of its smart feature and efficient mobile app.

What to Look While Buying a Baby Monitor

What to look at a baby monitor before buying? It is the first question that every parent wants to be answered. So, here we are to solve this problem. There are a couple of things that you must consider while picking any baby monitor.


Its complete depends on the size of your house. If you have a medium-sized house than a 450-feet range would be a good option but if you like to walk in your backyard or have a large house than the 1000-feet or above would be best.

DECT Technology

If you pick non-wifi monitor than you must ensure that the baby monitor comprises a DECT technology because it never let the nearby devices to intercept the transmission signals.

Rechargeable Battery

If you want your baby monitor to work 24/7 than you should go for those units which come with a rechargeable battery.

Infrared Night Vision Mode

Infrared night vision mode would be a great feature if your baby usually woke up at midnight because it would allow you to track you, baby, in a darker room and calm them by communicating with a two-way talkback feature.

Multi-Cam Capability

The multi-cam capability is quite great if you have twins or your child use to sleep in both bedrooms and nursery as well. This feature enables you to monitor multiple rooms as well. Also, you can make one cam stationary and carry the other one wherever you want. Visit our homepage.



what is the best baby monitor for twins?

The best baby monitors are those that are specifically designed to be used by both parents. These monitors have two independent speakers. If one parent is using a monitor, they can be heard over the baby’s side. If both parents are using the same monitor, they can hear each other talking.

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