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Baby monitors are one of the most reliable tools for young parents. They efficiently help to keep a close eye on your baby without personally going to their room. It offers the freedom of taking care of chores or relaxing, ensuring the child is playing or sleeping soundly. Sadly, those parents who are deaf or hard of hearing cannot use the regular baby monitor, because the majority of them comprise sound notification. But thankfully, some companies have developed baby monitors that use vibration or visuals to alert parents. We have compiled a list of the best baby monitor for deaf parents.

 We have taken this responsibility to our shoulders to help you find the best match for your requirements. These units perform up to mark for deaf parents in helping them to keep an eye on their little treasure. We have mentioned some products below with their features and performances. It is recommended to read the full article before going after any specific model.


Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents


1-HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor


The HelloBaby Video Baby monitor offers both visual and auditory alerts which enable you to keep an eye on your baby efficiently. Also, the smart temperature sensor keeps you lighten up that the temperature is not too hot or cold for the baby. That is not the end, it comprises many other reliable features.Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

Features and Performance

The main feature is already mentioned above is the temperature sensor which alerts you about the current temperature, by vanishing the need of any external thermometer. Moderate temperature not only ensures the child’s health but also calm sleep.

The parent unit has a 3.2-inch large color LCD screen along with night vision mode which grants you to monitor your baby any time of the day without any hassle.

As it includes both visual and auditory alerts which makes it evenly reliable for both deaf and normal parents. It also includes a two-way talkback feature that grants you calm your baby when he or she needed the most and you are away.

Additionally, you can set the audio feature on mute from the parent unit for added safety from your side if there is too much noise in your surroundings. However, when the camera notices the sound level less than 50Db for more than 7-seconds—it automatically puts the parent unit on mute.

Talking about the transmission range than this unit boasts a magnificent range of 960-feet, means you can easily ram around the house or take a walk in your backyard without facing a hassle of disconnection.

With all smart features, you don’t have to remember anything the unit itself alerts you when the battery is low and needs charging. The infrared night vision mode, VOX-mode, two-way communication, pre-programmed library of lullabies, and many other features make monitoring the child a lot easier.

  • Infrared night vision mode for easier monitoring at any time
  • Smart temperature sensor
  • Two-way talkback feature for easier communication
  • Auto-mute function for added safety
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Zoom, pan, and tilt feature
  • Long-range
  • Affordable price
  • Screen a little smaller than the competitors
  • Auto-mute function cuts the potential sounds that parent should need to hear


The HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor is a good-priced unit that comes with various reliable features. Make this product without hesitation and we assure you that you’ll never regret your decision.


2-VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor


The Vtech DM221 audio baby monitor is the most budget-friendly product Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents which comes with a parent unit as well as a baby unit. It comprises the best DECT 6.0 technology which offers the clearest sound by eliminating all annoying background interference. Keep in mind this one is only an audio monitor.Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents


This Vtech wireless unit gives the secure transmission for added security of the child. With the included DECT 6.0 technology you’ll get the truest experience of sound because it vanishes the interference and make sure that the auditory signals, you’ll get on the parent unit is of your baby.

One of the great features is two-way talkback communication, as you don’t always rush to the nursery because it grants you to communicate when the baby is awake and crying. As the baby grows and becomes a little chitter-chatter you can also have a small conversation and guide him or her to do something.

As manufacturer advertises, this unit has a 5-level of auditory alerts, and the rechargeable parent unit gives almost 18-hours of battery backup. However, the pre-set language is English but you can switch to Spanish or French as well.

It offers a 1000-feet open transmission range which quite outstanding when you live in an open area, as it gives you the freedom to easily roam here and there. Keep in mind, the “actual range” or indoor range is about 150-feet which is also reliable.

  • Low battery and out of range alarm
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Longest battery backup
  • Reliable features
  • 2-way talkback communication
  • The actual range is low for a large house


Concluding this VTech DM221 is a great product that gives you many reliable features at quite affordable prices. It offers crystal-clear transmission and the longest battery backup.

3-Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

The Nanit Smart Baby Monitor is a very smart wifi connected baby monitor which provides you the crystal-clear picture quality both in day and night time. As it has an overhead view of the crib which provides the top view of the sleeping baby. Isn’t it nice?Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

Performance and Features

The best thing is the mobile app which is quite helpful in terms of monitoring, as you can directly see the crystal-clear image—and the best thing is smart motion and sound detection alerts.

The feature Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents which makes this one apart from other smart monitors is that it tracks your baby’s sleep and gives personal feed and further insights as well.

“insights” means Nanit insights which is a dashboard provided inside the nanit’s app that saves all the collected sleep data, and also saves the video data of the last 7 days. This feature lets you to check whether the baby is consistent with his sleep or not?

The Nanit Insights is technically the additional subscription in the app, it gives a whole year free trial period. However, the app is quite clean and easy to use.

The top-notch temperature sensor will give you temperature alerts on an app that you can check the baby is sleeping soundly.

It also includes the nightlight to illuminate the soft glow of light for the baby to get better sleep and sound a couple of sound options that can be controlled through an app. The Nanit also added background audio which means you can also listen to your baby while you are inside other apps or even the phone is locked.

The 2-way talk-back feature also helps you calm your baby when something unpleasant happens and you are away. Through this feature, you can talk to your baby or even sing a lullaby.

A couple of accessories are handy like a multi-strand for giving multiple placement options, breathing wear to track a baby’s breath.

  • Wifi baby monitor
  • Clear audio/video quality
  • Sleep insights and coaching
  • 2-way talk back feature
  • Handy accessories
  • Expensive in price
  • Accessories are separately sold
  • Unlimited subscription charges separately
  • Touch notifications


As this unit is a little pricey than the other competitor but talking about the reliability it stands at the top of the list. Anyhow, this unit is great in every manner and reliable.


4- PowCube Video Baby Monitor


This PowCube video baby monitor is a wireless unit that comes with many reliable features. The image quality, smart sensors, and many other adds value in the product’s worthBest Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents.

A lot of monitors in our list work by sending a voice alert to the parent in case of need. However, it is said that if you have a problem with hearing or deaf, you can’t respond to those signals. In this case, you need the Best baby monitor for deaf parents. They send alerts using our mediums like vibrations or strong visuals. Thus, you can take care of your baby with more ease.

Features and Performance

It includes two units in the box; the first is the baby unit which is placed near the baby’s crib and another one is the parent unit which can be carried anywhere you want. The parent unit has a 2.4-inch display screen which gives a clear image of the baby as well as it notifies about all smart sensors.

The up-to-mark two-way talkback feature comes when a handy baby needs you most and you are not near. This feature helps you to calm the baby when he or she is awake and crying, and also you can sing a lullaby to give him/her a better sleep.

In the end, the longest battery and the efficient infrared night vision add more value to the product. There are a couple of smart features as well such as a reliable temperature sensor and VOX-mode.

  • Reliable features
  • Wireless system
  • Good audio/video quality
  • Low bettery life


This PowCube baby monitors no doubt a great investment. Because it offers various reliable features at a very affordable price.


5- Motorola Hola+ Video Baby Monitor


The Motorola Hola+ is a versatile baby monitor that includes various features such as pre-programmed lullabies, a nightlight, smart sound and motion detection, and crisp video quality.Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

Features and Performance

The first best thing about this camera is its 1080p HD video quality, through the 4.3-inch large parent unit you can easily monitor your baby and can zoom enough to check on Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents details as well.

It comes with a couple of mounting options as well, including wall mounting, dock mounting, and floor standing. And a unique and clean mobile app alerts you about the motion, sound, temperature, and humidity level—it’s great for keeping the child healthy.

However, the transmission range is quite good and the two-way talkback feature keeps you connected with your baby without personally going into the nursery.

  • Sharp image and excellent audio reception
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Quick setup
  • Expensive
  • Some feature needs a subscription to accessed


This Motorola Hola+ baby monitor is an excellent unit. That gives you a clear reception and an overhead view of the child’s crib. Visit our homepage.



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